Cannabis: Benefits and Risks

Why Cannabis is MUCH Healthier than Other Drug Forms

It is safe to say that everybody remembers the time when golfing superstar Tiger Woods was arrested for driving under the influence. The downfall of the once great golf player started off when he was found passed out behind the wheel of his car near his home in Florida. People associate DUIs with being drunk most of the time but in the case of Tiger Woods, it wasn’t alcohol but prescription drugs like Xanax and Vicodin that did him in.

That was one of the first times that the problem of addiction of prescription drugs was properly sensationalized. That probably has to do with the golfer’s celebrity status. Nevertheless, it is just one case that was given so much attention. The problem is a proper epidemic which is plaguing the whole of the US with the legal drugs causing more harm and causing more risks to life than actually treating medical conditions.

Reasons why Cannabis is a Better Drug Form

There are plenty of reasons why medicinal marijuana is a much better form of drug than those which are commonplace.

1.     Superior Treatment

The first reason and undoubtedly the best one is the fact that medical marijuana offers much better treatment than any other form of a drug. The reason why someone takes a medication is to cure or counteract symptoms of a medical condition, right? Then it only makes sense to use something that actually helps.

Medical marijuana outdoes the widely marketed and used pharmaceutical drugs in the treatment of many ailments and illnesses when the two are compared with one another. Pertaining to the treatment of symptoms, there are too many examples to list down all but there is one that deserves to be mentioned to put things into perspective.

Medical marijuana has the qualities of being able to calm down muscle spasms and erratic muscle movement. This is something that can help greatly reduce the tremors which the patients of multiple muscle sclerosis and patients suffering from Parkinson’s disease are suffering from.

2.     No Risk of Overdose

There is always a risk of overdosing attached with the use of almost every prescription drug if not all of them. Overdosing on prescription drugs is so dangerous that it can result in serious health issues and even death.

The only problem that one can have with consuming too much medical marijuana is that maybe they will go to sleep earlier in the night (or the day if they’ve been blazing it in the morning).

3.     No Risk of Addiction

Last but not the least is the fact that there is no risk of addiction involved in the use of medical marijuana to treat ailments, unlike with prescription drugs. This is also why it is better for patients with chronic pain to use medical marijuana instead of the prescription painkillers which are opioids. They are essentially based on chemicals extracted from the highly addictive poppy plant.

The list of reasons why medical marijuana is better than other forms of drugs is a long one and will keep on increasing as more and more research is conducted.


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