Is Vaping Marijuana Better than Smoking-

Is Vaping Marijuana Really Better than Smoking?

The world is moving forward with the advent of advanced technology and it means that consumers of the heavenly marijuana plant should not be left behind. It is about time that you stop smoking the obsolete joints and bongs etc. and move on to better things. That means vaporizing or what is more commonly known as vaping.

You must be wondering why though. It is because of the fact that vaping is actually much better for you than smoking marijuana. Here’s a few of the reasons why vaping is a better way to consume marijuana than smoking it.


1.     Zero Tar

There are so many problems which come along with smoking the beautiful herb than the benefits of the blissful feeling it gives. When you smoke it, you’re essentially burning the plant and inhaling the smoke resulting from the combustion.

That means you are also inhaling the sticky and ashy tar that results from the burning. You will have noticed how the filter on that joint you love to smoke so much just changes into the most distasteful colors when you’re blazing it.

For those who do not even bother using a filter when they’re smoking marijuana, they are inhaling all of that sticky black tar without the very limited protection that the filter provides. It is a problematic factor for your health in the long run and can expose you to the risk of lung infection.

2.     Reduced Aging

No, this is not a joke. Making the switch to a vaporizer for your marijuana consumption needs will actually help you look fresher in the long run. This is not to say that vaping is going to act like some sort of vaporizer of youth, it just helps eliminate one of the factors which contribute to the process of aging.

A human body ages due to two factors. The first one is that it ages naturally due to old age over time. The second one accelerates it and that is the exposure to the environmental factors. Exposure to smoke actually causes you to age much faster.

Since vaping does not involve the burning of the plant but instead it makes use of heating the plant to change the active chemical compounds in the plant to vapor form, your skin is automatically exposed to a lower number of environmental toxins.

3.     Reduced Irritation

You will not find anybody who will say that they do not mind coughing fits that make it seem like their lungs are going to come out through their mouths by the time they pass. Not even somebody that’s not in their right minds. Oh and nobody likes an excessive build-up of mucus either. It’s too annoying.

Guess what smoking exposes you to the possibility of. Yes, the coughing fits and the mucus is what you feel when you smoke too much since smoking can cause the symptoms of bronchitis to arise.

While it is a fact that the higher temperature vaping machines can be a tough task to handle, they do come with the option of customizing the temperature so you can have your marijuana experience on your own terms without getting irritated.

You need any more reasons to make the switch now?

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