Which Type of Cannabis Consumption Delivers the Longest Lasting High

Which Type of Cannabis Consumption Delivers the Longest Lasting High

The form of intake of cannabis refers to the method used for having cannabis enter the body. The experience or “high” of the cannabis-based products varies with the different routes of administration; each having its particular set of benefits. The different forms of intake affect how effectively cannabis enters the system and how long the effect of having consumed cannabis in that manner lasts. There are mainly three ways in which cannabis can be administered to the human body.

Smoking / Vaporizing

When cannabis is consumed via smoking, it involves the burning of the dried flower of the cannabis plant and the resulting smoke is inhaled. The effect of the high when smoking the cannabis plant is immediate as the smoke is infused with the active chemical compounds and it enters the bloodstream directly through the alveoli in the lungs.

Vaporizing involves the heating up of the dried cannabis flower at a comparatively lower temperature so that the active chemical compounds take a vapor form and are then inhaled. This also has an immediate effect as the chemical compounds enter the blood directly through the lungs.

With both of these, the high is immediately registered by the human body but the high does not last for very long.

Ingesting via Edibles

Cannabis can also be consumed using edible material infused with cannabis oil. Cannabis-infused butter and pills can be used to administer cannabis to the human body via the means of the human body’s digestive system. The high takes longer for the body to register, around 20 minutes to be specific.

The high can last for four hours or more depending on an individual’s own system’s capacity to break down the active compounds after consumption but it does not last for longer than that. It is, however, a high that lasts significantly longer than when administered via the means of inhalation.


This is the least common way in which cannabis is administered to the human body and seems to be the most unusual. Cannabis has the quality of being lipophilic. That means it can be dissolved into fatty compounds. That is the property which allows for it to be infused into edibles like butter.

It is also that very quality which allows for the cannabis compounds to enter the human body via absorption through the skin. The high which is obtained from administering cannabis via transdermal means lasts much longer than any other form of administration. This is because of the fact that it is the most controlled form of intake that the body has for cannabis. The skin actively controls the amount it is absorbing through the skin at a time which allows for the cannabis’ active chemical compounds to be administered to the human body without much wastage like there is with smoking, vaporizing and even with ingesting through the digestive tract.


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