Bong VS Dabs: Benefits, Side Effects and More

Bong VS Dabs: Benefits, Side Effects and More

Other than the traditional form of rolling one up and smoking a joint, there are many other forms of getting marijuana into your system nowadays. How? Due to the advances in marijuana consumption innovation in the contemporary age. From weed edibles like cannabutter to vaping to weed-infused chapsticks and patches that can administer marijuana via absorption through the skin—the possibilities seem endless.

Taking bong rips is something which is a particular favorite among marijuana consumers but there’s another way of introducing cannabis to your system called Dabbing. No, it has nothing to do with the strange gesture of dabbing that you see all the kids doing nowadays, it is something else.

For the Love of Glass – of Bongs and Dab Rigs

Bongs and Dabbing both involve the use of glass instruments. Bongs involve the burning of dried marijuana flowers and inhaling the smoke that results from the combustion after it filters through water in the bong. The high you get is immediate and hard hitting. It is a true favorite among weed enthusiasts as just one good long bong rip can send you to the stratosphere.

Dabs are a more contemporary method of consuming marijuana. It involves the consumption of highly potent doses of cannabis. They’re created by placing trimmings from the cannabis plant within a glass pipe and then using butane gas lighters to heat up the plant to extract the THC concentrate from the marijuana plant.

Benefits of Dabbing

The extract you get from blasting the marijuana trimmings resembles thick and brownish candle wax. The extract is known as butane hash oil.  The BHO is then smoked using the regular bong pipe and the high you get from it is one that’s even more potent than that of bong rips. Even the most prolific stoner would feel as if being stoned for the first time once they take a hit from a dab rig.

The almost ethereal high which you experience from dabbing marijuana is just about the only benefit you can get from it.

Side Effects of The Marijuana Smoking Innovation

The very fact that the concentrated BHO can give you the most potent high you can get is its advantage and the disadvantage. Even though marijuana smokers would assume that a stronger high is better for them, in the long run they will see how bad it is.

The high you get from consuming marijuana through dab rips is reputedly four times stronger than the traditional form of smoking a joint. Remember how everyone thought that it isn’t possible to overdose on cannabis? Well, dabbing marijuana has changed that. You dab too much of it and you will get as close to overdosing on marijuana as you can get.

The fact that the high you get from dabbing marijuana means there’s a high chance that you will build up a tolerance to cannabis (yes, the pun was intended).

Imagine not being able to get high anymore because you’ve built up too high a tolerance level. That is the worst thing that can happen to a weed aficionado.

From weed enthusiast to weed enthusiast, try out the dab rig if you’re really curious about it but don’t make it a habit. You will end up regretting it.

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