Cannabis Life Part 2: Got My Prescription Now What?

So here I found myself at the age of 38, married, 2 beautiful daughters, a dog and a cannabis prescription for pain management and sleep aid ……..wait back up! A prescription for using cannabis from my Dr. what universe have I crossed into?
Yeah I’ll admit for a few days I felt kinda untouchable and was a hero to my friends as I had the ok to smoke pot, but after a few days, the struggle was real! What do I get? Where do I register for a dispensary? Indica? Sativa? Shit, there is even hybrid. What am I getting myself into? Seemed when I was in high school pot was pot ……well not anymore.
So back to the pc and start doing my research again and after a few weeks, I finally decided on a dispensary to register with and finally make my first order. If I remember right I chose Happy Feet for my first discover strain, which was a strong Sativa. So when I finally get my medication in hand, I take a look it and notice there full buds! Geez, last time I bought pot 20 years ago it came in the form of a joint. Crap now what? Called one of my close friends and asked he if was up for an adventure ….lol
The first thing he said was so how are you planning on smoking it? Pipe? Roll up a joint? Use a bong? Shit, I never taught of that. After talking and him sharing some input, I got in the car and drove out of town to a little store was they sold some smoking supplies. I felt like the first time I had to buy condoms! So I walk in and start to browse the aisles and grab some chips, pop and walk up to the register to pay and the man asks “will that be all”, I look behind me to make sure no one is around and softly ask “can I also get a pipe”, Man how embarrassing that was.
Ok so now that I have my pipe and have a basic idea of what to do, I go home and ask my wife “ are the kids sleeping ?” Yes, why do you ask she replied? Well, I need to take my new meds and I don’t want them to see me do it. So I load my pipe and went outdoors in a dark corner of the porch and try my first toke. I soon found myself thinking, do they call it a “toke” because it rhymes with choke?
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  1. Never thought about all the questions one would ask himself facing this lifestyle. I too come from a mind set that pot was pot. Very educational.

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