What does Biomass mean?

Biomass is organic matter, such as leaves, stems, wood, or bark, which is used to generate electricity. All plants collectively produce biomass that can be converted into usable energy. Biomass is a valuable resource as a fuel because it is produced from renewable sources.

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Biomass can be anything from the fallen leaves of autumn to the weeds on the side of a road or the bark byproduct of trees sent to a lumber mill. Municipal yard waste such as branches, shredded organic material, and leaves are often collected for use as a biomass fuel.

The energy produced by biomass can be acquired through combustion or it can be fermented into a liquid fuel. Ethanol is the product of corn or sugar cane that has fermented.

The advantage of biomass over conventional sources of fuel (e.g., coal, oil) is that it is plentiful, renewable, and more environmentally friendly.

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