Cannabis Life Part 1: Is It For Me?

     In my mid-thirties, something changed, almost overnight.  My body and mind just started their own game to see who could win the battle of getting full control! What to do and who could help? That was the start of my journey to wellness with the help of cannabis.

     It all started as my arms started to tingle a bit and sometimes even sending these painful shocks down from my shoulders to my elbows, but it was not an everyday occurrence. To me, it was just the feeling of,  oh I must have pulled something yesterday kind of pain, but as the years went on it reoccurred more and more often. Sometimes it would wake me up at night, as it was so painful! When the sleepless nights and the zombie state of mind during the days took over, my wife and I started to get worried that something serious was happening to my body. So, I started consulting my family doctor about it. Like most doctors, he prescribed me some anti-inflammatory meds and some sleeping pills. This went on with regular follow-ups, but I was not getting any better. After many consultations and wasted time my Dr asked me, “have you ever considered smoking pot?”
     “Ehhhhh umm, what,” I asked. Then it clicked, my doctor had just asked me to consider cannabis for my pain control! I then answered in a low voice, “When I was a kid, I used to consume, but it was just a fad.” As he looked at me, I then confessed well, “I might consume once in a while during a fishing trip with the boys, as we drink beer around the fire, but no more than that! Come on, I’m an adult with a family.” He then gave me a bunch of literature on cannabis, as well as, documents on how some patients swore it helped them with pain control and as a sleep aid.
     As the notion of consuming cannabis on a daily basis, was still sinking in, my first reaction was, “What about my children? What the hell am I going to tell them?” I have so many questions, so many negative feelings. We were brought up that pot was a bad thing, a gateway to more powerful drugs and now, my family doctor wants me to smoke it daily?!?
     After a few days of discussing this with my wife, I took the decision to give it a try as I had nothing to lose. That is when I got my first prescribed cannabis note from my family Dr. From there my life has changed and I have educated myself, and during that journey, I have learned so much about this amazing forbidden flower!
     That is how cannabis was introduced to me as an adult for pain control and sleep aid. Now after 8 years of consuming cannabis, I am still educating myself as well as trying to end the stigma.
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