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Why a Cheap Vaporizer Isn’t Worth the Money

You’ve undoubtedly heard the phrase that, “you get what you paid for.” And unless you’re a professional cat burglar who is getting what someone else paid for, this phrase usually holds true … even in the world of vaporizers. With the public perception changing for good, and with companies exploding onto the marketplace, competition for […]

6 Essential Oils Your Mom Will Love (Seriously)

Rick-rolling you? OF COURSE we wouldn’t do that to you. This really is a Certified Blog Post all about 6 essential oils your mom (or your mother figure) will totally love. If you’ve ever bent near a plumeria bush and taken in its gentle, tropical scent … then you’re already well acquainted with essential oils. […]

Can Your Vaporizer Help You Sleep?

SPOILER ALERT – Yes, your vaporizer can totally help you sleep. Now, you can try and figure out how to make that happen on your own, or you can just keep reading. The path is yours to choose, young Skywalker. Keep reading? Great choice!   The Stress Problem While there are certainly some medical exceptions, […]

True or False? Some Vaping Myths Debunked.

If you watch the evening news, or spend any time browsing the Facebook feed of that “one” friend you have, you’re well-aware that vaping myths are everywhere. Maybe your crazy uncle Kevin has you convinced that vaporizers are cleverly-designed alien technology designed to steal human DNA. From vaporizers that were designed by tobacco companies to […]
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