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The Current Opiate Crisis Ravaging America And What A Healthier Alternative To It Would Be

America’s Opiate Addiction: Leading Cause of Death for 50 and Under Folks Opiates are a class of drugs which have been prevalent tin American society for a very long time, in the form of prescription medication. Painkillers account for the majority of opiates, with antidepressants coming second. While they may be seen as benign medicinal […]

The Battle Between the Cannabis Industry and Big Pharma

Cannabis VS Big Pharma: A Conflict of Epidemical Proportions The cannabis industry within America has been known to struggle against the giant medical monopoly holder, Big Pharma, for the best part of the decade so far. The battle has been waged in many a forum, and has included arguments from both sides of the medicinal […]

Linebacker Derrick Morgan shows support for cannabis with green cleats.

First Cannabis Athlete Wearing Cannabis Support Cleats It seem like the influence of cannabis is sneaking in everywhere one looks. Everyone, from all walks of life, is voting for the legalization, and everyone is enthusiastic about the herb. Truth be told, this is ideal for the cannabis community, since this means the proponents are getting […]

How to make Cannabutter with ABV Weed

How to Make Delicious Cannabutter with your ABV Weed Cannabis is often regarded as a product of divine alchemy, due to its almost limitless number of uses! The seemingly unassuming plant is used in an increasing number of industries, and benefits everyone; from the individual looking to have a good time, and the chef looking […]

Colorado marijuana tax and how it is allocated among government offices.

Marijuana Tax Revenue in Colorado and How it Gets Distributed America is a haven for legal marijuana usage and possession, within limits of course, with many other countries, even ones with liberal pot regulations (*cough* The Netherlands *cough*) looking to the good ol’ US of A for inspiration, in many ways! And king among the […]

Denver will now legalize marijuana in social settings and locations.

Denver All Set to Pass a ‘Social’ Legalization of Marijuana After building a reputation as a super cannabis friendly city, Denver now looks to legalize pot smoking in social spaces! The ‘social’ legalization concept which came from people wanting to smoke weed while in social settings, will allow people to smoke in designated spaces, much […]

Celebrities who support marijuana.

A Look at Some of the Biggest Celebrity Marijuana Supporters Marijuana has been quite the favorite of all the celebrities over the years, even before it became formally legalized. After all, what better way to get rid of all the stress of daily celebrity life, than with a nice, soothing bit of Kush! Celebrities who […]

Pineapple on pizza and whether it’s hot, or heresy.

To Pineapple or Not to Pineapple: An In-Depth Look into Pineapple on Pizza There are numerous major arguments and conflicts under way in this world of ours at the moment. Coke VS Pepsi, Republicans VS Non-Republicans, President Trump VS everyone sane, and of course Marijuana Proponents VS Opponents. But none of those arguments have reached […]

Herb too dry? How to re hydrate your cannabis

To dry, resin braking off and the sticky is gone?    In dry climates its often that cannabis connoisseur run into this issue.   Never fear there is a cure for this ailment. Scouring the internet you can find a bunch of ways to re hydrate your wonderful herb.  Below are some ways we have discovered. […]

3 Best Tasting Strains on the Planet

3 Undisputed, Best Tasting Strains on the Planet A lot of people tend to choose the strain of marijuana they smoke based on its name. While the name of a particular strain can be a good selling point for it, many others choose the strain they want in a more scientific approach based on the […]
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