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Cultivation Water Table

What does Cultivation Water Table mean? The cultivation water table, often shortened to simply ‘water table’ generally refers to the area of the soil or grow medium beneath the ground or within a container that becomes saturated with water during irrigation. The cultivation water table refers to the line between where the soil is overly saturated and […]


What does Cultivate mean? Cultivate has a broad usage in gardening and includes tilling the soil, planting seeds, nurturing the plants, watering, fertilizing, weeding, and possibly harvesting any produce. Cultivation usually applies to the growing or propagating of a specific plant species. More Info One may cultivate a field by tilling the soil. To cultivate tomatoes means […]


What does Cultivar mean? A cultivar is a plant or group of plants that have been selected from a naturally occurring species and bred to enhance or maintain a particular set of desirable characteristics. These plants almost always originate from human cultivation, propagated through cutting or grafting, and often cannot be grown from seeds from the original […]


What does Crystals mean? The term crystals refer to the cannabis plant’s trichomes. The trichomes contain the cannabinoids such as tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD). if a marijuana plant has abundant crystals then it is usually very potent and contains high levels of cannabinoids. The crystals are usually shiny and very sticky. They also release the telltale […]


What is Crumble? An extract identified by its malleable texture that falls apart, or “crumbles,” when handled. Crumble, sometimes called “honeycomb wax,” is quite versatile, and not limited to just dabbing; many sprinkle the extract over the top of cannabis buds in a bowl, blunt, or joint. The crumble texture results from elevated temperatures used […]


What does Crossbreeding mean? Crossbreeding refers to the breeding of two different cannabis plants. The art of crossbreeding plants is done to attain an offspring that features the best of both parent plants. Some growers opt to cross breed plants that offer stability and abundant growth. Other growers are trying to improve the terpene count, increase cannabinoid […]

Cross Pollinate

What does Cross Pollinate mean? Cross pollination, often hyphenated as ‘cross-pollination’, occurs when one plant variety pollinates another plant variety to form a new variety of plant. This is done either naturally or on purpose by gardeners. The genetic material of the two plants combines, and the resulting seeds from that plant will contain characteristics of both […]


What does Cross mean? In genetics, a cross is the breeding of two parents with different genes that produce offspring that have characteristics of both parents. In plant biology, the two parent plants have to be closely enough related to be genetically compatible. For example, they might be similar varieties of plants or species close enough related […]

Crop Zones

What does Crop Zones mean? Crop zones are geographic areas that are defined by climatic conditions, specifically minimum temperatures. Crop zones are mostly known as ‘hardiness zones’. In each crop zone, a specific category of plant life is capable of growing, as defined by climatic conditions, including the plant’s ability to withstand the minimum temperatures of the […]

Crop yield potential

What does Crop yield potential mean? In agriculture, crop yield potential refers to the output of a crop cultivar when grown with nutrients and water. Crop yield potential is mainly regulated by genetic characteristics, atmospheric CO2 concentration, temperature and solar radiation. In most cases, a crop’s yield potential is not shown for plants that have been rainfed. […]
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