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crop yield

What does crop yield mean? In agriculture, crop yield refers to the measure of seeds or grains which is generated from a unit of land. In the United States, crop yield is often referred to agricultural output and is measured in pounds or bushels per acre. This measure is more commonly used for legumes, grains or cereal. […]


What does Crop Rotation mean? Crop rotation is the systematic planting of different crops in a particular order over several years in the same growing space. This process helps maintain nutrients in the soil, reduce soil erosion, and prevents plant diseases and pests. There is no universally accepted rotation schedule as the types of plants in a […]


What does Creeping mean? Creeping is a term that applies to a plant’s growth pattern. A creeping plant grows low to the ground, and sends down roots at intervals from its main body. These anchor the plant, and also provide additional nourishment and access to water. Most vines have a creeping growth pattern, but other plants do […]


What does Creeper mean? Creeper is a slang term that denotes weed that may be slow to affect an individual but once the person starts to feel high they become exceptionally stoned and often lose all track of time. Some people say that creeper cannabis takes five minutes to kick in after it is smoked but the […]

Cover Crop

What does Cover Crop mean? Cover crops are plants grown outdoors for the purpose of enhancing the quality of the soil. They help make soil fertile, prevent erosion, regulate water, reduce weeds, increase biodiversity, and improve farming as a whole. These types of crops are also used in landscaping to enhance the look of a property. Cover […]

Couch Lock

What does Couch Lock mean? A cannabis slang term, couch lock is a common side effect of smoking or ingesting indica cannabis strains. When in a couch lock, the smoker is too high or stoned to get off the couch and function properly. The person is so high that he or she cannot do anything and just […]


What does Cortex mean? The term cortex refers to the outermost layer of cells on a plant’s stem or root. The cortex has the ability to transport nutrients into the core of the root. It uses diffusion to achieve the transport. It also stores nutrients in the form of starch. The cortex acts as a protective covering […]


What does Corona mean? The corona is a flower component in certain types of plants, from the Passion Flower and Lilly families for example. The corona is a set of adaxial appendages growing from the corolla, or the outer edge of stamens. Also known as the paraperigonium, paraperigon and paracorolla. The corona is located on the perianth […]


What does Corolla mean? The corolla of a flower is the structure and pattern made up by its petals. This is usually a circular ring around the center of the flower with one or more layers of petals. All of the flower’s petals are collectively referred to as the corolla. The corolla’s function is to assist the […]


What does Cormel mean? A cormel is a small young corm propagated by a mature corm, which is a fleshy bulb-shaped organ that stores food at the base of a plant stem. Cormels normally arise at the base of a fully developed corm. Many small cormels can arise at the basal area of a mature corm, especially […]
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