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What does Corm mean? A corm is a swollen underground part of plant where nutrients and water are stored against a future need. Many different plans have corms, and these can be confused with rhizomes, tubers and other underground plant structures. More Info When it comes to root system and physical structure, plants can vary dramatically. Some […]


What does Cordon mean? To cordon is to prune a fruit tree, usually an apple or pear, so that it may grow as a single branch or stem. Cordoning is an essential process for vertical gardening and small space growing. Cordoning of fruit trees has been performed for thousands of years and is a matter of carefully […]

Copper Sulfate

What does Copper Sulfate mean? In gardening, copper sulfate is often used by commercial farmers and gardeners to protect their crops while preventing issues with mold and fungus. While copper sulfate has been known to be extremely beneficial to plants, misuse of this product can negatively affect the plant’s growth and development. The quantity and frequency of […]

Copper (Cu)

What does Copper (Cu) mean? Copper is a micronutrient which has been shown to be highly beneficial to plants in small quantities. However, an excess or severe lack of copper can be detrimental to crops, while affecting its yield. Additionally, copper has been known to intensify both color and flavor when it comes to flowers as well […]


What does Convection mean? Convection is the process that occurs that vaporizes a cannabis concentrate in a dab rig or vaporizer. The melted cannabis concentrate liquids up and melts. The inhaled air flow creates a circulating current. This current evenly vaporizes the concentrate. The process of convection occurs while using a carb cap. It is an ideal […]

Container Gardening

What does Container Gardening mean? Container gardening is the practice of growing plants in containers instead of planting them in the ground. Container gardening includes planting edible as well as non-edible plants. The container can be anything that is enclosed, small, and usually portable, such as a box, tub, basket, tin, hanging basket, or barrel. This type […]

Container Capacity

What does Container Capacity mean? The term container capacity, sometimes referred to as water-holding capacity or water retention ability, denotes the maximum amount of water that can be held by a plant’s grow medium within a container before gravity forces the water to flow out of the container’s drainage holes. The container capacity, which is how much […]

Contact Pesticide

Definition – What does Contact Pesticide mean? A contact pesticide is a pesticide designed to exterminate pests directly upon contact. Extremely lethal to the target, contact pesticides can be natural, inorganic, or even organic products that often leave some kind of residue behind. Most contact pesticides come in the form of aerosols or foggers. They are commonly […]

Constant Height In Fish Tank (CHIST)

What does Constant Height In Fish Tank (CHIST) mean? The ‘constant height in fish tank / pump in sump tank’ (CHIST – PIST) is a method of growing aquaponically using a large sump tank and sump pump called a ‘constant height one pump’ (CHOP). The term ‘constant height in fish tank / pump in sump tank’ is […]


What does Conifer mean? Conifer is a term used to describe a variety of trees and shrubs. The term owes its roots to Latin and literally means ‘cone-bearing’. As an aboriculture term, conifer is used to describe trees and shrubs that form a cone for the purpose of reproduction. Though conifers are a group of gymnosperm plants […]
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