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What does Cone mean? A cone refers to a type of cannabis cigarette. It is a type of joint that is more conical than a typical joint or cigarette. The cone starts straight and thin but widens as the cone gets longer. A filter is often used to stop the weed from falling out of the bottom […]


What does Condenser mean? In greenhouses, condensers are used to regulate the temperature while providing an adequate climate for plants to thrive and develop. According to gardeners, certain plants can also be grown around condensers, provided that at least five feet of clearance space is maintained between the plants and the unit. As a result, the condenser […]

Concentrate Slurry

What does Concentrate Slurry mean? Concentrate slurry is the cannabis pre-purged, concentrate-rich residue that is created during an extraction process. It can be either solid, liquefied, runny, or airy. However, in most cases, a concentrated slurry has the consistency of a semi-liquid and may contain varying levels of plant material. Most concentrate slurry products are further refined […]

Compost Tea

What does Compost Tea mean? Compost tea is a concentrated organic liquid fertilizer that is made from steeping biologically active compost in aerated water. Compost tea is nutritionally rich and can help provide plants with beneficial soil bacteria. A compost tea is generally produced by combining one volume of compost material with several volumes of water. This […]


What does Compost mean? Compost is decomposed organic matter (often created from recycled matter) that can be used as a fertilizer. Compost is very beneficial for plants because it is rich in nutrients. It can be applied to soil as an amendment or to plants in several ways. Compost reduces the need for chemical fertilization, making it […]

Complete Fertilizer

What does Complete Fertilizer mean? A complete fertilizer is a fertilizer blend or mix that contains the three main plant nutrients: nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), and potassium (K), in the forms of potash, phosphoric acid, and nitrogen. On a complete fertilizer label, the ratios of these primary plant nutrients are revealed as the product’s N-P-K ratio. For […]

Companion Planting

What does Companion Planting mean? Companion planting is the cultivation of plants that grow harmoniously together. It is an excellent way to conserve space and water, and fully utilize a garden’s available space. Companion planting occurs all of the time in nature. A natural prairie ecosystem is an example of a variety of plants all growing harmoniously. […]

Companion Plant

What does Companion Plant mean? A companion plant is a plant that is purposefully selected and grown in close proximity to other plants, particularly crops, to provide certain benefits. Many plants, when growing in the same area, will compete for resources. However, some plants are mutually beneficial to each other. Companion plants are carefully chosen depending on […]


What does Compaction mean? Compaction of the soil happens naturally, but also through foot and vehicle traffic. It slowly squeezes air pockets out of the soil, compacting it and making it tighter and harder. Over time, this results in lithification, or the creation of new stone. More Info Soil is dynamic. It moves in response to both […]

Compact Fluorescent

What does Compact Fluorescent mean? Often used in hydroponic and indoor planting systems, compact fluorescent light bulbs encourage growth and can be used as a substitute for natural sunlight. Compared to other types of grow lights, compact fluorescent bulbs are readily available and inexpensive. While this system is ideal for the initial stages of seeding, it may […]
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