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Selective Pesticide

What does Selective Pesticide mean? Selective pesticides are a type of pesticide that target a specific pest species. These pesticides have a minimal impact on organisms that are not targeted by the pesticide. Selective pesticides can be applied directly to plants or to the surface of the soil. They are considered to be preferable over a broader […]

Selective Breeding

What does Selective Breeding mean? Selective breeding is the practice of intentionally reproducing living species with the goal of attaining desirable and heritable traits. This is done with both animal and plant species by amateurs, hobbyists, professionals, and researchers alike. It is the cause and practice behind many familiar animals such as the family dog, and plants […]


What does Seedling mean? A seedling is a very young plant that grows from a seed. When the moisture, light, and temperature conditions are correct, the seedling’s development begins with seed germination and the formation of three main parts: Radicle – Embryonic root Hypocotyl – Embryonic shoot Cotyledons – Seed leaves More Info On Seedling Seeds require the […]

Seed-to-Sale Concentrates

What does Seed-to-Sale Concentrates mean? Seed-to-sale concentrates come from a company that grows the seeds into plants, and then creates the concentrates. There are no middle-man growers. When it comes to seed-to-sale concentrates, only one company handles all aspects of the growth, cultivation, harvest, and extraction of the concentrates that will ultimately be sold. Often times, pharmaceutical […]

Seed to Harvest

What does Seed to Harvest mean? Seed to harvest is a concept that encompasses growing plants, particularly edible plants, from seed until maturity, the harvesting of the fruit or vegetables, and the saving of seed from those plants for future planting. The seed to harvest concept is circular: a grower buys seeds, plants them, cares for and […]

Seed Starting Tray

What does Seed Starting Tray mean? A seed starting tray is a gardening tool specifically designed to hold multiple seeds, starting from the germination stage, until the seedlings are ready for transplantation. Using such a tray ensures better nutrient availability for each seed, and eliminates the need for multiple plantings. Seed starting trays also help keep the […]

Seed Starting Potting Mix

What does Seed Starting Potting Mix mean? Seed starting potting mix is a loose type of grow medium designed to provide seeds and seedlings with the strongest start possible. Seed starting potting mixes are designed to foster healthy, strong roots from the very beginning, ensuring healthy growth throughout a plant’s life. Note that there are many different […]

Seed Starting Fertilizer

What does Seed Starting Fertilizer mean? Seed starting fertilizer is designed to help ensure strong seedlings and overall healthier plant growth. Most seed starting fertilizers have been formulated to provide stronger root development in seedlings. Often this formulation includes a range of additives, ranging from natural vitamins and minerals to synthetic inputs. Seeds require less fertilizer than […]

Seed Saving

What does Seed Saving mean? In gardening and agriculture, seed saving refers to the practice of saving various types of reproductive material and seeds from plants such as flowers, herbs, grains, vegetables, and tubers for future use. Seed saving was the traditional way that gardens and farms were maintained centuries ago. While commercial farmers rarely practice seed […]

Seed Propagation

What does Seed Propagation mean? Seed propagation is the method of plant propagation (multiplying, reproducing, or breeding new plants) that is done through the use of seeds. Plants that produce seeds are called spermatophytes. Seeds are made up of three separate parts, and when a seed matures in an optimal environment, it will germinate and actively grow. […]
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