What does Chiefing mean?

Chiefing has become an urban slang word. It denotes that a cannabis user is exceptionally high but not actively passing the joint, bong, or pipe around to other users.

In other words, the user is hoarding the marijuana all to himself so he can puff away and become high at his leisure. Normally, the term is used when high-quality cannabis is being consumed at a rapid rate.

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As with all cannabis slang terms, chiefing can be used in a variety of ways, however, the overall popular use for the word remains. The word chiefing is commonly used to indicate that a user is extremely high, has been using a highly concentrated cannabis product, has consumed a large amount of cannabis, and has actively kept the pipe, bong, joint, or blunt to himself without sharing it with his buddies.

The word probably came into popularity because of the similarity with the Native American’s practice of sitting in a group with a bunch of tribe members while actively puffing on a pipe and passing it around the campfire to each individual.

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