Culinary Cannabis Inclusions

Culinary Cannabis Inclusions which Tantalize the Taste Buds

These are indeed very exciting times. Marijuana is seeing legalization in an increasing number of states across the US with the state of California going so far as to legalize the use of marijuana for recreational uses with the start of this year. The federal government still has not legalized marijuana but the current state of affairs show that it might actually become a possibility in the future.

With the legalization of marijuana, many new avenues are being discovered and traversed. We are also seeing it come into the aspect of edibles. There is experimentation being done in order to come up with more and more cannabis-infused foods which tantalize the taste buds.

A Whole New Perspective on Marijuana

With the prospect of cannabis-based foods, there is a whole different way that we can see cannabis and how it can be used. Imagine being able to sit in a restaurant and taking in the very distinct herbal aroma of marijuana. Yes, it might seem a bit confusing for a lot of people to consider marijuana in food a proper part of the culinary arts but it the idea of it that is very important in the fight to legalize the use of marijuana.

Having marijuana-infused food will essentially break down the last of the challenges which are creating a resistance to the legalization of marijuana through and though in the United States of America.

No Longer Just for Sick People

It is true that marijuana-infused cuisine was mostly just considered to be used just by the people who need it for the treatment of various symptoms of different medical conditions. There are marijuana-infused foods which come pre-packaged and ready to use but the problem with those is that they still are not very healthy and not very appetizing.

Some Places That Serve Cannabis-Infused Culinary

Yes, restaurants are now serving cannabis-infused foods. In fact, within the state of Colorado, over half of the sales of cannabis were attributed to cannabis-infused edibles in 2016.


  • Lyons, Colorado: There is a very fine restaurant in Lyons Colorado where the food they serve has a special strand for you to smoke with every meal and you have the option of hiring a chef to cook your fine dining meal which is infused with the goodness of the cannabis
  • Amsterdam: Amsterdam was always the more progressive nation when it came to regulations on marijuana and has developed a lot of edibles which are infused with marijuana. From cannabis-infused lollipops to something like the very delicious cannabis-infused smoked avocado with Red Angel dressing. Yes, the dressing is done with the strand which is popularly known to be bred and distributed from Amsterdam.

The cannabis-based food industry is definitely something that can pick up pace and help catalyze a fully fledged legalization of this heavenly plant which was historically a main part of many cultures throughout the centuries until just a few hundred years ago because some people couldn’t handle their high.

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