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What is an Elev8 Doll?

A lady that lives a higher state of MIND, BODY, and SPIRIT.
An Elev8 Doll is open-minded, she has strong personal beliefs and embraces HER alternative lifestyle.


What Does An Elev8 Doll Do & What Are The Services 

Elev8 Dolls are a service person of knowledge in alternative lifestyles that love to educate the community.  Elev8 Dolls represent products and services.  Not all Elev8 Dolls believe in the same thing, yet embrace their life and beliefs strongly. An Elev8 Doll that represents a brand truly believes in that brand or they will not represent it.  Elev8 Dolls provide knowledge to people that want to elev8 their minds.  Many of our Elev8 Dolls specialize in particular fields like restrictive-dieting such as veganism and vegetarianism, organic gardening, inner-city gardening, body modifications, alternative medicines, travelers and the healing powers of an alternative lifestyle.   

The Elev8 Doll

Maybe the coolest Elev8 logo we have, the BOWterfly!  Ok, so we were able to fully incorporate the 8 swoosh into the logo as the butterfly body, or middle section of a bow.  It had to be this way, no other logo would work for us.  The bow is something that is just a wonderful thing to Elev8 your appearance with.  But deeper its is also a butterfly.  This represents the wondrous path our life will take.  We know we will change in our lives and improve much as the caterpillar did when it turned into a butterfly.  Butterflies seem to love to fly, and flying is an ultimate way to Elev8 your mind.  Maybe flying is in a machine, or maybe its just putting your arms out like wings and running around.  Either way, the Elev8 BOWterfly lets everyone know your an Elev8 Doll.  Represent with pride and honor.

What can you do to become an Elev8 Doll?

Check out Elev8 Presents to learn more

What’s up with the logo?

First, it starts with the Elev8 Swoosh.   This became the centerpiece.  I think this is the first place we need to start.

Elev8 Swoosh

The Elev8 Swoosh

  • It’s an 8 and we find it very neat that 8=ate for ELEVATE.  Ok, not the neatest symbol, but it’s neat how one number can represent 3 letters.  That to us symbolizes that if you look deep at things and Elev8 with it, you can find something else.  What that something else is, well you need to find it and let us know!  We also love the 8 is an upright eternity sign!
  • The next thing that you may notice is the two like half circles or moons.  So this represents night and day, the sun and the moon, good and evil, Ying and Yang.  When we look at this it means live life for now, at this moment.  This moment will end and become the past very soon as day turns to night.  Also, remember to enjoy the good times.   Know that when times are bad they will get better like the sun rising to shed light on the night
  • Maybe you noticed the up arrow before the moon and sun?  Well, that is fully intentional as it represents Elev8 to the fullest.  Always be positive and look to the future.  Elev8 your mind with what interests you and do it well.  Elev8 your mind with the knowledge that opens doors.  Then Elev8 your body by taking care of it, it’s your temple.  Use your body to accomplish things in life and love your body no matter the shape, it’s who you are and it’s perfect.  Finally but not last, Elev8 your Spirit.  Keep a good attitude and stay conscious to your life.  You only get this one that you know of.
  • That up arrow is really neat for us as it also represents where we started.  The point represents Pikes Peak as we have our headquarters right in front and get to see the majesty of it daily!  But that arrow does not stop there.  If you turn the Elev8 swoosh upside down and look in the mirror you will see a 7.  This is where the adventure started for the found Steve and 7th Floor.