Elev8 Presents Glass Reviews Judging System

The System We Use To Judge Glass

Here at Elev8 Presents, we wanted to try our best at reviewing glass.  The biggest thing I see out there with glass reviews is that the glass is being reviewed by someone that has little or no experience as a glass blower.  Without the years of knowledge, I have to wonder what actually qualifies these people doing glass reviews?  The answer I came up with I am not sure.  I do know what I feel should qualify a person to do a review.  The person should have a passion for glass.  The reviewer should be over 30 as that is the only real way a person can get enough experiences, the older the better.  The person I feel should also have glass blowing experience.

Our Qualifications For Reviewing Glass In The Cannabis Industry

After a lot of deliberation we came up me, the founder of Elev8 Presents.  It’s not that I want to, but I must be the reviewer.  I feel with 14 years of torch time I have learned what is good and what is not so good.  Now all this is for sure a matter of opinion and some may not much like my opinion, but that is what it is.  I will do my best to judge anything made by Elev8 Premier or Elev8 Glass to actually be more critical of it as no way do I want to show bias.  I also feel at the ripe age of 40 I have been able to mature enough that I can be very honest about all my opinions.  We have also created a standardized system for reviewing glass that is based on science and numbers with a little opinion as that is what we must use at some points.  Like everything we judge we base it on an 8 point system for Elev8!  As we know this can be just a little confusing as most people deal in 10’s we do the math for you and give each piece of glass a report card that shows how we judged.  This also gets our percent rating so you do not have to do any division, to hard for me anyways.

The Elev8 Presents Glass Review Judging System


The functionality of a piece of glass is based on 4 things.  The functionality of the glass rating is an average of the four points below.

  • First, we ask is does it work for how it is designed?  We rate 1-8 on this
  • Second, how easy was it to use? We rate 1-8 on this
  • Third, how does the piece feel in your hands? We rate 1-8 on this
  • Fourth, did I get water or scooby snacks in my mouth? We rate 1-8 on this


We base the quality rating on 3 points that are then averaged.

  • How are the welds welded?  We rate 1-8 on this
  • Is the thickness of the glass good? We rate 1-8 on this
  • Are there imperfections (one of the hardest things to do in glass)? We rate 1-8 on this


  • Is the overall appearance appealing?  We rate 1-8 on this
  • Is there any artisanal perspective (did the artist put their own flare into the piece)? We rate 1-8 on this
  • Is the color scheme good? We rate 1-8 on this


We take into consideration the functionality + is the price good (based on where it is made) + artistic value (are you paying for the brand name and did they take it to their potential level?  We rate 1-8 on this

Glass review conclusion

So we take the averages of the 4 main categories and then average them also.  This we feel gives us a very broad view of the glass we will review and can be repeated by nearly anyone using our system.

Here is our first review that also talks about the review process.  Check it out and let us know what you think.  What can we do better?


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