Gibberellic Acid (GA)

What does Gibberellic Acid (GA) mean?

Gibberellic acid is also called Gibberellin A3, GA, and GA3. It is a naturally occurring hormone that plays a key role in a plant’s life. It triggers the germination of seeds by the plant.

Growers of marijuana plants often purchase gibberellic acid to use on plants to encourage feminized seed production. The hormone is typically available in a powdered form. The grower mixes the powder with water and either applies it to the plant’s root system or sprays it directly onto specific areas of the plant’s foliage to create male flowers.

Typically, gibberellic acid is used over the course of 10 days to encourage the plant to create flowers that can be used to obtain seeds.

More Info On Gibberellic Acid (GA)

Gibberellic acid used on a female marijuana plant will encourage the plant to grow male flowers. The hormone basically turns a female cannabis plant into a monecious plant that has both male and female flowers. The male flowers can then fertilize the female flowers on the same plant.

The pollen from the male flowers can also be collected to fertilize other flowers on different cannabis plants because even though the pollen comes from a male flower, it contains only female chromosomes. When this fertilization process is done on a female cannabis plant that features only female chromosomes, then the seed produced will be all female.

Crossing and cloning using gibberellic acid to obtain feminized seeds is a popular cannabis cultivation method. This is one of the optimal ways that marijuana growers can cultivate feminized cannabis seeds and create new, potent strains of plants.

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