Interview With Noble Glass by ELEV8 Presents:

Emric dishes out some goodness about Noble Glass

Here we sit down with Emric and learn that they are celebrating their 10 year anniversary!  All I can say is that is so dope! and congratulations!  These guys are the only big time soft glass water pipe manufacturer that I have seen in the last 10 years.  Their work keeps getting better and better too!

With the idea of not wanting to put on a suit and tie, Emric and some friends started this neat adventure specializing in water pipes.  This is mostly only done in the furnace.  Soft glass is mostly done this way as it melts at a lower temperature.  It is not that it is softer than boro.  The soft glass was pioneered and made famous a few thousand years ago in Murano Italy.

Much of the soft glass work has become a race to the bottom with the glass techniques going to China.  Noble Glass as decided to go for the gold and have fun.  Sticking with only high end they have found a really neat niche in the market.  Robert Green is one of the top artists that helps Noble reach the high end with his amazing flowers.  Killing it with color is the way they do it, and they do it will at Nobel.  Using rich popping colors that work well with each other are one of their ways to make their glass great!  At Noble, they are always watching the color trends and tend to refer to the panton book to really keep it real.  Following passion is what Emric really loves to do.

Working out of Eugen Oregan, one of the glass hubs in the world, Noble is working with a lot of artists that are at the top of their game.  Noble’s glass can be found all over the country.  If you can not find what you are looking for, or your local retailer is not caring their glass, MAKE SURE your local retailer knows about this amazing company.

Some of the new products coming to the public are their uranium glass they are making.  This couples well with their new artist Bandity Silverado who is cold working some really neat marbles to give them an appeal that I just love!!  Much of his work will be going on many of the more high-end glass.  It’s great to put great artists with other great artists!

100% we recommend that everyone has a Nobel piece of glass.   It’s how this all started, so it’s like smoking a bowl with grandpa in a way 🙂

Aliens, well not so sure, but maybe they do exist out there!

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