Interview: With The Legendary Wild Berry Incense

Kim talks to us about Wild Berry Incense, The Staple of Every Headshop

It was 1971, the year Wild Berry Incense was birthed by Marc Biales. Graduating from Miami University, he decided to make handmade leather goods.  After his friends suggested he try his hand in producing incense, he knew it was going to be a success. He was good at it, so he started selling it in his leather store. With the product being so great he started getting calls from people asking where they could get it for their stores.  If you have ever smelled the line of Wild Berry incense, you will know why it grew the way it did, they all smell just so darn good! After nearly 21 years, Marc finally decided it was time to go wholesale.   The incense is still made in Oxford, Ohio, the same way to this day.

The main seller for Wild Berry is their 11-inch traditional incense stick. They also have a 4-inch shorty stick and a 19-inch biggie stick.  They have also expanded into wax melts, incense cones, fragrance oils and an outdoor line as well.

The standards of Wild Berry are very high and quality comes before quantity.  All the aromas must smell as good on the stick, as when they are burning.  If it is not this way, they do not release it.  With a keen eye on the fragrance market, they can keep up with any new aromas that are currently trending in the fragrance market.  They only work with American fragrance companies, that produce the best oils.  Wild Berry Incense curates stellar relationships with their suppliers, and they work closely to provide the highest quality materials and aromas.

Dragon’s Blood and the Fizzy Pop are the top-selling aromas but are currently developing new lines to better serve the needs of consumers.  All products are made with care, but a little extra effort goes into, Dragon’s Blood.  They have to work hard with their suppliers to ensure each scent is an exact match to what they intended.  For our enjoyment, they conquered the beast and now provide the highest quality aromas around!


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