Linebacker Derrick Morgan shows support for cannabis with green cleats.

First Cannabis Athlete Wearing Cannabis Support Cleats

It seem like the influence of cannabis is sneaking in everywhere one looks. Everyone, from all walks of life, is voting for the legalization, and everyone is enthusiastic about the herb. Truth be told, this is ideal for the cannabis community, since this means the proponents are getting bigger, more influential voices to speak out the positive message alongside them.

Star Linebacker Latest among Influential Cannabis Supporters

Derrick Morgan, who is the linebacker for the Tennessee Titan, raised awareness for the importance of the cause, by coming to a football game earlier this month, in cleats which were designed with a distinct cannabis theme. The cleats, which were a part of a bigger campaign that Morgan is part of, shone throughout the game, and were the highlight of Morgan’s performance.

Having done this, Derrick Morgan included himself among the dozens of influential voices which have been raised over the years, in favor of medical marijuana. While a lot of celebrities have raised a voice for recreational marijuana usage as well, they have not been noticed as visibly as those advocating and/or campaigning for the legalization of medical marijuana.

The concept behind the wearing of the cleats was a campaign that Derrick was a part of, namely ‘My Cause, My Cleats’. This entailed that players wears cleats which are designed according to a theme that sheds light on their charity or cause of choice. In the campaign, Morgan was the only one to show support for marijuana, and has since solidified himself as a frequent user and supporter, among thousands of others.

Policies of the NFL regarding Cannabis Usage

The NFL has always maintained a no-weed stance, in every discussion about drugs and substances that alter the state of mind. While they may not have the same stance towards opiates and other potentially addictive drugs as they have on cannabis, it is still potentially a good sign, as at least now there are bigger voices making themselves heard in favor of cannabis, and against the opioid drugs which are usually prescribed by NFL doctors.

For the most part though, the governing committee of the NFL is against weed, and has been influenced by big pharma, as well as those with stake in the pharmaceutical companies, to continue their stance against cannabis. This may change very soon though, as players are now showing their support very openly and vocally, which is always an inspiration for the rest of the folks, and also a step in the right direction, when it comes to legalization.

Future Projections Regarding Marijuana Legalization

While some committees might warm up to the idea of marijuana; those are also the ones with a considerable amount of money to lose, in case weed becomes commonplace, are obviously trying to get it banned for future usage as well. This may not be as successful in the long term, since support is already there and continues to grow.


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