Marijuana and Coffee – Does Drinking Coffee Improve Your High?

When it comes to the world of drugs, coffee is the mustard to marijuana’s ketchup – they are a match made in heaven. Why is it that these two popular drugs complement each other so much, you ask? Does drinking coffee really help to improve your marijuana high? Well, there’s a bit of a relation between the two. That’s why so many people in Portland and Seattle find themselves looking for a lot of coffee along with their marijuana. There some science which can explain why and how the two interact with the human body when they are consumed in a combination.

The Human Brain and Caffeine

Caffeine is undoubtedly one of the most widely and most frequently used psychoactive drugs in the world. Coffee makes your brain active and it helps you to stay alert when you’ve consumed it. While some people believe that coffee gives them energy, it doesn’t. All coffee does for the human brain is that it blocks the synaptic receptors’ ability to interact with adenosine. That is the chemical which your brain produces to give you a feeling of relaxation and makes you sleepy. Since the chemical structure of caffeine is similar to that of adenosine, the brain is quickly able to accept the coffee.

The Human Brain and Marijuana

Marijuana is not like other drugs which humans administer to their body. That is because marijuana’s active chemical compounds that interact without the brain and gives us that sweet high, are called cannabinoids. Cannabinoids are something that the human brain produces itself as well. When the neuron in a human brain sends a signal, there is a bit of a break when the synapses are transmitted in order to keep the brain from becoming overwhelmed. Cannabinoids perform the task of making sure the transmission is uninterrupted. That tends to boost the imagination and thought processes of the human mind.


Squirrel Monkey Data

In a study conducted in precise and safe laboratory conditions, squirrel monkeys were given THC (the active cannabinoid in marijuana), through a mechanism which allowed them to pull a lever to self-administer it. Once the monkeys were aware that pulling the level will give them THC, the scientists introduced THC with doses of MSX-3 (a form of caffeine).

What was noted was that with the increasing amount of caffeine with the THC, the monkeys were less inclined to pull the lever to get the THC. This shows that they were requiring less THC with the more caffeine added to the mixture. That being said, once the monkeys were sobered up and reintroduced to the system with pure THC and THC mixed with caffeine, the monkeys choosing the mixture were pulling the lever more often.

So What’s the Verdict?

According to the data from the lab test, drinking coffee doesn’t necessarily improve your high. It may allow you to smoke much less while having plenty of coffee but it’s not something that determines that it improves your high. Having coffee generally opens up the reward systems in your brain making everything feel better. In essence, the coffee only supplements the high you’re already getting from the marijuana – not improve it.

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