Medical Cannabis and Legalization In Canada

Canada v. Medical Cannabis

The medical cannabis business has drastically changed in the last 2 years with all the talk of general legalization of cannabis sales, but what will it actually do for us medical users?

Yes, I am a supporter of legalization but not sure what will happen to us medical users when this actually passes…….When I received my first prescription 8 years ago we had to purchase directly from the Canadian government but only a few months later they changed the process to having to register with an LP. When that started we had only maybe 12 legalized registered LPs to choose from and at that time prices ranged from $3 to $8 dollars a gram. The prices were very competitive to the black market but as there were only 12 LPs getting available buds was a major problem as some dispensaries would run dry for months at a time of certain strains. And this occurred regularly as the demand was way too high and they could not produce buds fast enough.

Now as we fast approach the legalization there are way more LPs and also many storefronts popping up here and there that claim to be legal but still occasionally gets busted and closed down. As legalization also approaches more and more people are trying cannabis and making the demand grow even more. As the growing demand increases, so are the prices. With this persistent problem, as well as mass production, obviously affecting the overall quality of the buds it makes for an expensive $12 dollars a gram plus taxes in my part of the country, BTW we pay 15% taxes on top of the ever climbing prices! Also even with a prescription, our insurances refuse to pay for our medication and can only expense for a maximum amount of $1500. To me this is crazy and no reason but that is another topic.

So my main concern is will there be enough cannabis to go around for recreational users and will we be able to continue getting our medication ……..I guess we will find out very soon as legalization should be in effect around August 2018.

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