What does Meiosis mean?

Meiosis refers to a cell division process where the plant’s chromosome number is halved. process occurs in all plants and animals. In plants, this kind of cell division is often observed following spire production. This During meiosis, daughter cells are produced using only half the number of chromosomes required for parent cells. Unlike other types of cell divisions, meiosis produces gametes that cannot be divided again.

More on Meiosis

During asexual reproduction, plants use mitosis. On the other hand, they use meiosis during sexual reproduction to ensure that the offspring are genetically similar to the parent plants. Scientists normally differentiate between two stages of meiosis: Meiosis I and meiosis II. In meiosis I, the cell is split into two halves, while the second stage triggers additional cell division which results in the production of four haploid cells.

Prior to the process of meiosis I, the parent cells undergo interphase in order to prepare for the division. During this particular stage, the parent cell tends to synthesize additional proteins and DNA which consequently enhances the overall mass and size of the cell.

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