NFL Athlete Wears Cannabis Support Cleats

NFL Athlete Wears Cannabis Support Cleats

Titans at Ravens 11/09/14

Popular personalities in the world of business, entertainment and sports are influential figures for the world over. The causes that they support and spread awareness about reaches the masses. Some celebrities and sports personalities take it upon themselves as a duty to promote the causes they feel should be justly promoted and that was the case in week 13 of the NFL season with Tennessee Titans’ Derrick Morgan stepping up.

My Cause, My Cleats

Week 13 of the NFL season is when all of the players take part in the My Cause My Cleats campaign which is geared towards promoting the causes NFL players feel very deeply about.  It is the perfect opportunities for the NFL players to properly represent the causes which they feel are very important to them and deserve to be highlighted.

The cleats that the NFL superstars wear during week 13 are representative of their causes to raise awareness for what they feel should get more recognition. One player who really stole the highlight on week 13 in the My Cause My Cleats campaign was the Tennessee Titan linebacker, Derrick Morgan.

The Realm of Care Foundation

During Sunday’s game in week 13 of the NFL season back in November of 2017, the Tennessee Titans Derrick Morgan took to the field wearing cleats which said “Reimagine Marijuana”. The athlete wore the cleats in order to raise awareness of and advocate the use of medicinal marijuana during the game in order to support the Realm of Caring Foundation.

The Realm of Care Foundation is a nonprofit organization which originated in the Colorado Springs. The Realm of Care Foundation was started off by the Stanley brothers informally and when the success stories portrayed by the Realm of Care Foundation started becoming popular, the Foundation was approached by more and more people looking for help.

The group realized at this point that it should become a formal organization which focuses on conducting research on people making use of medicinal marijuana. Their focus has also been on educating people and advocating the use of this form of therapy that’s been looked down upon by the society for a very long time, and for all the wrong reasons.

Derrick Morgan and Medicinal Marijuana

Derrick Morgan, when he wore the cleats in the Sunday game in week 13 became the first player to openly advocate the use of medicinal marijuana. He feels very strongly that the NFL should consider changing their policy towards the usage of marijuana.

The Tennessee Titans linebacker is advocating the use of marijuana completely for medicinal purposes and thinks that the policy towards cannabis that the NFL has is contradictory. The NFL prescribes the use of painkillers which are derived from opioids and the teams are supported by companies that produce alcoholic beverages.

Both of these are relatively more dangerous substances. Opioids are highly addictive and can lead to substance abuse. Painkillers are part of the biggest substance abuse epidemic that the country is facing and cannabis based compounds which contain CBD are a much better alternative for relief of pain and reducing inflammation.

The CBD found in cannabis can also help greatly with the issues of brain damage that NFL players suffer from due to concussions that they get during the games. It can also greatly reduce the pain which they experience from all the injuries they receive during games without becoming an addiction. With this stance in the My Cause, My Cleats campaign, Morgan is hopeful that the NFL will be more receptive towards the cause and seriously consider changing their stance on usage of cannabis in the NFL.

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