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3 Things You Need For Sea of Green Marijuana Growth

The sea of green cannabis plants are something that can be comparable to a forest of cannabis plants. It’s essentially a whole forest of cloned cannabis plants. Have you ever found yourself walking through a forest of trees so densely populated that there’s barely enough space for you to move around and the sunlight barely penetrates the tree line, making it dark? Yeah, that’s how it works with the sea of green growing of marijuana.

When you’ve got the proper SOG marijuana forest, it’s pretty much the same thing. As the grower, you have to make sure that you keep on trimming the branches growing outwards so that the clones do not come in contact with each other.

Then again, the grower is also going to keep the trimming to a minimum otherwise it can become detrimental to the healthy growth of the plant. Sometimes, the cannabis plants also replace the trimmed branches with two branches. That tends to defeat the purpose of trimming it in the first place. Sea of green growing of cannabis plants is a very lucrative operation if it is done right.

So if you want the most out of your sea of green cannabis growing operation, you will need clones and you will need plenty of space, and fresh, moving air. Here’s how to go about it!

Sea of Green Aeration

When you have a high-density sea of green growth, your forest will require a high energy air movement to properly aerate the whole crop. If there isn’t a proper airflow in your sea of green forest, the clones do not get enough carbon dioxide and that slows down their process of photosynthesis. It is the main method through which the plant is able to survive and produce its own food. Then there’s also the fact that moisture starts to build upon the clones and it gives the opportunity for molds and fungus to fester on the buds. That is harmful to the healthy growth of the plants. This is why there is a need for a powerful system aerating the clones in your sea of green forest.

The fans that have to be employed to aerate the sea of green crop have to be at the same height as the cannabis plant. The problem? Most of the fans used for aeration are too tall and vertical while your plants are short and stubby in comparison to them. A good approach to solve that problem is to take your aerating fans, turn them sideways and place them at the same level as your plants by elevating the fan on anything you can find that will keep it there. This might seem like a very impromptu method to go about it but it is effective. It creates for a good air flow for healthy growth of your sea of green plants.

The approach with aerating fans propped up horizontally is for the sea of green plantation being done on the floor level. Plenty of sea of green cannabis growers opt to make use of hydroponics ebb and flow tables or the growing tables which have mixtures without soil. This kind of growing basically elevates the plants from the root level at least two feet above the ground which makes taking care of the plantation a whole lot easier with the use of oscillating fans.

It is a very popular approach among sea of green cannabis growers because the growing tables and the ebb and flow systems they employ take up much less space than pits filled with soil. It also makes the whole gardening process easier since there is no need for extensive tubing between the puts. The aeroponic approach allows for the spacing to be done properly in a grid-like manner.

The hydroponic systems allow for the evenest distribution of nutrients and oxygen to your crops when you compare it to growing your marijuana plants in soil. The ebb and flow irrigation system is the easiest for a grower to maintain.

The aeroponics approach is a very effective way to go about growing your sea of green marijuana plantation but it is a tougher one. That is because the allocation of nutrients has to be very specific, you need to have an expertise in the hydroponic systems and you also have to have an electric supply constantly functioning. The electricity flow is really important since your plants do not have any soil keeping the roots within them. Without electricity, your aeroponic pumps will not function and without the pump, nutrient-rich water will no longer be sprayed on to the roots of your plants. In just a couple of hour’s time without the pumps functioning, your plants will be at a serious risk of dying out.

To put it simply, if you’re going for the aeroponics approach, other than the mastery of hydroponics and nutrient allocation calculation, you should also have a backup generator which will take over the responsibility to run the systems should the supply from the grid gets interrupted for any unforeseen season.

Sea of Green Cannabis Plant Spacing

There is an opinion among some sea of green cannabis growers that cramming as many of the clones together as possible is a good way to increase the number of plants which can be grown within a certain area. While that might make some sense, it is actually more harmful to have them all in a small space.

The thing is that when you have many leaves and flowers in a small space, moisture will start to accumulate wherever the leaves of one plant are in contact with the buds of another. That moisture buildup will lead to the growth of molds and fungus. It also makes getting from one plant to another very easy for pests should they happen to s[ring up. That will make it very difficult for you to deal with the insects and they will have the perfect opportunity to thrive within your plantation. Also, it becomes difficult to water your plants individually if they are all bunched up.

You just have to leave an adequate amount of space between all the plants in your sea of green forest. It is as simple as that.

SOG Plantation Clones

The best way to go about growing a sea of green plantation of cannabis plants is by making use of clones. But even then, it does go to say that other than being skillful at cloning your cannabis plants, you should also be able to maintain mother cannabis plants as well.

The ideal stock of sea of green clones you will have shall consist of clones from the same mother plant of the same strain and they will have the same height. The thing is that the majority of mother plants cannot give you any more than 3 clones. That’s why it is better to have more than two to three mother plants of the same strain and the same age.

You really have to look for your inner OCD personality when it comes to the quality of clones you have in your plantation. If you plan on having let’s say 30 clones of your plant, you should take out at least 40 cuttings just to be on the safe side. There is always a chance that some of the cuttings you take will not be able to make it. It happens.

When you have your clones in place, you have to be thorough while checking every clone. Make sure every clone is showing signs of good growth before making its place permanent in your plantation. If any clones are not showing signs of healthy and robust growth, you will have to dispose of it. There should be absolutely no compromise on the quality of the root, leaves or the stalk.

You have to remember that the clones have the exact same genetic buildup of the mother plant. Having a strong and healthy mother plant is very important. Most of the clones which you get in commercial markets derive from mother plants that are sickly and weak. It may not be very apparent when you are buying them initially but they will show signs when it is too late. There is also always the chance of diseases like the powdery mildew which do not make themselves apparent in a visual examination. One sick plant can cause your whole crop to get ruined. That is why it’s better to have and maintain your own mother plants instead of relying on commercially available mother plants.

Oh and one two more things to consider if you’re going for the sea of green growth of the cannabis plant. First of all, you should make sure you tally with the laws on cannabis growth in the state you are in. It is important to make sure that you are not growing a number of plants which is more than the legal limit in your state. If you’re not legally allowed to grow too many marijuana plants, just go for the growth of full-grown plants in a more traditional approach.

And lastly, the strain which is ideal for the sea of green growth are the indica, Afghanica and the kush. These are the strains that work best for the sea of green growing as compared to the pure Sativa or the more Sativa dominant strains. Hope this helped!

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