What does SES mean?

SES is a highly concentrated type of cannabis. Unlike other types of cannabis, sensimilla contains no seeds. SES refers to many strains of marijuana where the female plant is allowed to only produce flowers, but is left unfertilized so does not progress on to produce seeds.

Its unfertilized state contributes to the plant’s ability to produce higher levels of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and other cannabinoids that are used to render the physical psychoactive response commonly known as a ‘high’ in individuals.

More info on SES

Sensimilla is Spanish and translates into ‘without seeds’. The term became popular with the cannabis culture because of the strong Spanish influence on marijuana cultivation in California. Soon it became commonplace to refer to marijuana that was produced from a female plant and contained no seeds as sensimilla.

Sensimilla simply refers to female marijuana plants that have not been allowed to be fertilized and produce seeds. Instead of the plant putting all of its energy into seed production, it just continues to bloom flowers, create new buds, and develop higher concentrations of THC and other sought-after cannabinoids.

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