Smoking? There Must Be A Better Way. . .

So, after a couple years of medicating with cannabis, I was definitely seeing major progress in my pain and healthier sleep patterns. Unfortunately, I was still feeling weird, or best described as, hung over. So, in my head, I was left wondering, am I really better or is this a sign that my issues are coming back?

To the doctor’s office, I go again for a follow-up and have the discussion about my symptoms to my doctor. He is not a consumer, and not many of his patients are, maybe he would not be able to answer if this was normal, or just a side effect. When I left his office, I was determined that there was a solution and I was going to figure it out! These tired mornings and coughing at night when I sleep could not continue. Morning after morning, waking up with a sore throat and having to cough up phloem in order to get my normal voice back was not ideal for my life, as I medicated.
So, like everyone else, when you search for solutions you just ask Google, right? As my research went along, most people were talking about edibles instead of smoking, I was skeptical. The more I researched, I found vaporizers, for cannabis. Who knew you could vape it! This really got me thinking, and I then concentrated my research on vaporizers, but 6 years ago vaping was not mainstream yet. All the smokers bashed it and there were not many positive interviews online.

So, I went online and found a company that sold cannabis vaporizers. I made a decision to purchase a model based on price, the Vapman. It was a great little device, but not for beginners. It was very challenging to get the right temperature and technique, to produce vapor and not to combust your product. After a few weeks, I was getting frustrated and decided on getting a battery operated one to see if that would make the learning curve easier.

“Cheaper is NOT a better choice! Now I had to purchase a better unit, so my initial price savings is now actually costing more. . .”

Well, I was right because the day I received my Solo, it was a match made in heaven! I had never tasted such flavor in cannabis and the effects were completely different! I was in love with it as the flavor and the ease of use was just what I was looking for all along. After just a few weeks of vaping my breathing and overall issues finally, all went away! Could this be a miracle device? Are there others like it out there? Is this the best unit out there? As I grew more and more passionate about this new alternative to smoking my cannabis, I wanted more.

At this point, I was getting to become a vaporizer pusher, as I bragged about this technology to all my friends. The more I researched, the more I wanted to get new units to try out. Then I noticed the more I researched, the more I noticed that reviewers only wanted to get high and ran the units at max temps to get big ass clouds to imitate smoking. But to me vaping was not that, it was more for taste discovery, better effects, and obviously healthier solution! So, I then thought, maybe I can start promoting vaporizers and talk about the actual use of the unit. I wanted to educate people on how beneficial it is to your health, making the switch from smoking. And that is how it all started……
Mike B
cannabis encyclopedia
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