Strain Review: Blue Lime Pie by Altitude Organic Medicine

Today, we review Blue Lime Pie, by Altitude Organic Medicine.

Blue Lime Pie

Blue Lime Pie is a cross between Key Lime Pie x Blue Power. A 60/40, Indica dominant hybrid, this super flavorful nugget had an amazing berry taste. The specific berry flavor was soon pinpointed as a fresh pack of Berry Flavored Skittles. The flavor profile was accompanied by the sweet aroma and taste of kush, my favorite. The Sweet and Sour Kush flavors from the Cookies’ genetics also excited my tongue.

Blue Lime Pie tested in at 19.2% THC and 0.5% CBD and packed a visual uppercut. The frostiness on this strain was a delightful treat. It had a unique mint color that stood out at first glance. Instantly, I knew, that this little frosty nugget would be my best friend.

Within just a few puffs from the vape, I was in love. I felt super relaxed and very unmotivated. First, I noticed a very heavy cottonmouth set in. It was clear that this was a major side effect that would need to be rectified with 16 ounces of water as soon as possible. After fixing my cotton chops I was able to focus on the matter at hand and that was trying to finish this review.

I would recommend that most users find their balance between Indicas and Sativas. This strain might not be a first-time user’s best choice. I felt super lazy, and the combination of a super heavy body high and head high, might not the be the best for beginner smokers. Get your liquids ready because you are going to need them for this strain. Recommended for pain relief, muscle spasms, and to help build your appetite. (: 7.1/8


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