Cannabis Strain Review: Do Si Dos x Gelato 41 by Altitude Organic Medicine

Today, we do a strain review of Do Si Dos by Altitude Organic Medicine.

Marijuana Strain:  Gelato 41 x Do Si Do

This strain has been a fan favorite for medical patients here in Colorado. Altitude Organic Medicine has grown this amazing product for the people. Gelato 41 x Do Si Dos was my preferred medicine for a long time due to its natural analgesic properties. This Super Indica Dominant Love Child has genetics that would make me a happy man. From first glance, I knew that this was a cookie’s genetics super child.

This strain tested in at 24.8% THC. Solid. No lie, I was super duper faded after this review. It seems that cookie genetics really do put me down. The flavor had a very faint sweetness but did not really dazzle me. The flower tasted earthy, sweet and spicy, but did not have as many vape hits as I expected. The visual aesthetics and the effects definitely took the cake with this strain.


Before I knew it, I was thoroughly baked. I may or may not have struggled with finishing this review. I was honestly super baked for good minute. I felt like a ton of bricks. Even though this strain did not have a lot of vape hits, it sure did rock me. Easily the highest I’ve been in a while.


I would recommend this strain to someone trying to alleviate pain or stress. The cookie genetics are amongst one of my favorites and forever will hold a special place in my heart, or should I say back? Either way, Altitude Organic Medicine uses a soil only grow method. They produce some beautiful plants and I highly recommend checking out their menu. They carry a lot of cookie variety I’m guessing because of the medical effects of the one specific lineage. 6.9/8 HIGHly Recommended

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