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Orange Harambe

Orange Harambe, a hybrid between Harambe and Mandarin Sunset, was more of the pheno #6 which showed more Sativa traits than its sister, #1. Both carry super citrus and orange scents masked by skunky and sour smells. A great looking bud with amazing nugget structure, but during our burn test it did not fare well.


The Mandarin Sunset really stood out when vaped. Orange and citrus undertones with a side of skunky uncle Gorilla Glue #4 presented itself in the form one delicious tree of a nug. During vaporization, the flower performed quite well. The flavors weren’t all there like I wanted it to be, but it still had potential.


With all flower strain reviews, we always vape and combust to get the flower full story. Extracting the full flavor profile with vaporization and burning the flower, allows me to understand that full life of the nugget. In this case, Orange Harambe did not receive a stellar score during the burn test. The taste was off and the crackling sounds while it combusted, gave me the inclination that there was something wrong with the end of the nugget’s life cycle.



I felt an extreme body high and my dry mouth progressed from a slightly parched mouth to a full-on Sahara desert. My mood slowly changed to a mellow demeanor, but still inspired to continue through my day. A clear head and a slight cerebral high my day was not as wrecked as I thought it was going to be. I would recommend this strain to anyone who has errands to accomplish but still wants to get super baked. Orange Harambe 6.4/8

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