Strain Review: Razz 2.0 by Altitude Organic Medicine

In this video, we review the strain Razz 2.0 testing in at 6.5% THC.

Razz 2.0

Razz 2.0 is a very special strain produced by Altitude Organics Medicine in Colorado Springs, Colorado. A cross between two phenotypes of Razzleberry, which is a cross between Razzberry Kush x Purple Kush. Crossing these two have produced a SUPER PURPLE and smelly plant for the patients.



The visual aesthetics of Razz 2.0 takes the Blue Ribbon prize at the fair of Purple. This strain is unique in many different ways. Testing in at 6.5% THC and 9.76% CBD, this bud created an extremely relaxing body high. A sweet berry smell was a welcoming delight to the nose. This strain did not have a large amount of THC, so I was only able to get 5-6 good vape hits.


This earthy, sweet bud was a beautiful sight, but the taste did not reflect its pretty aesthetics. I only was able to get about 5-6 good vape hits lacking the flavor I wanted from such a pretty looking cannabis. Even though it was a very beautiful nug, it did not have the flavor I expected. I wanted to see more berry notes or a sweeter taste when consumed.


This beautiful strain looked amazing and had some great medical benefits. I love the effects it produced, but they were not strong enough for me. The CBD content was a great relief for my back and chronic pain. I would highly recommend this strain for people who need a higher CBD and lower THC levels. Some say this strain also carries some anxiety effects, but I did not feel that was an issue. Razz 2.0 6.6/8

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