The 4 Rarest Strains of Marijuana in 2018

Marijuana connoisseurs who have tried all of the strains they can get their hands on and really know how to appreciate a good plant be prepared. This here list contains the rarest of the rare strains of marijuana to look forward to in 2018. You really want to search far and wide for the rarest marijuana that the world has to offer, this is the list you should try to explore the contents of.

1.     The Malawi Gold

Considered to be one of the rarest strains of marijuana in the world, the Malawi Gold is as exotic a marijuana strain as it can get. The rare marijuana strain is truly something magical which originates from the African content hailing from the country Malawi. Found only in the Salima District right in the center of the African nation, the Malawi Gold has a mild taste which is sweet. The marijuana plant has a THC level ranging from 14 percent to 18 percent and gives you a high that is both meditative and pleasing to the body and the mind.


2.     The Crystal Coma

True to its name, the rare marijuana strain, Crystal Coma can get you as close to getting a coma from smoking a blunt as it can get. It’s a Sativa strain that has THC levels hitting north of the 25 percent mark and can knock out lightweight marijuana smokers. This rare marijuana strain has a fuzzy history but some can make links of this to being a hybrid of variants of the Cheese and the Skunk#1 strains. This baby is a Cannabis Cup winner for a reason and the perfect challenge to take up for any marijuana connoisseur looking to get one of the best marijuana smoking experiences.


3.     The White

The White happens to be one of the rarest marijuana strains in existence and it is the strongest out of all the rare strains. This is a hybrid that’s indica dominant and it racks up THC concentration going up as high as 29 percent! This is the parent strain of some of the most popular strains out there right now including the Ghost and the White Fire OG.

4.     The Dr. Grinspoon

Marijuana was heavily fought against by the system up until a few months ago. The 60s was a time when the usage of the marijuana plant was out of control and the government crackdown on our favorite plant was at its peak as well. During that time, Dr. Lester Grinspoon decided to take it into his hands to discover the risks that come along with the use of marijuana as the responsible medical professional that he was.

What happened was that he became one of the biggest advocates of marijuana in the process and this highly potent and very rare strain of marijuana was named after the man. With THC levels hitting as high as 22 percent, it is quite the strong Sativa strain and gives you a high nothing short of cerebral that can last forever.

Parting Note

If you really consider yourself as someone with a good taste for rare marijuana strains then you should try these beauties. It will take plenty of time and effort to get a hold of these and you probably might not get your hands on all of them, but trust us the effort is worth it.

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