What is Microdosing With Cannabis: How and Why

Microdosing with Cannabis may be the best way to achieve the benefits

With all the rage now in smoking and dabbing cannabis, I have to start to ask, what is the best way for most users to consume medical and or recreational cannabis?  To let you know my background I am 40 years of age and have been using marijuana for 24 years, ya it’s a long time.  I also do not at all recommend nor promote anyone under age 21 to use cannabis as their brains are still growing and developing.   So why do I feel microdosing is the form of consumption for me?

What is microdosing?

People that microdose cannabis are taking very small amounts of the active ingredients such as THC and CBD in very very small amounts.  Using cannabis in small microdoses can help avoid the psychoactive effects that can interfere with the duties of daily life.  Microdosing is not new to the world of hallucinogens like LSD and MDMA, but relatively new to the larger world of cannabis.  There are people out there like Old Hippie that has been promoting cannabis microdosing for years now.  It’s also believed now that the threshold for the medical benefits of THC and CBD is far lower than many people think.  The best way I feel to microdose is using a vaporizer.  I feel a vaporizer is best for microdosing as its a healthier way to consume as it eliminates combustion.  With a good vaporizer like the Silver Surfer from 7th Floor you can control how much you inhale very easily and also in small amounts.  To microdose, the way I do with a vape all you have to do is load a small amount of cannabis into the bowl and take small inhales.  Start with only one inhale that is just a short breath.   The less you do the smaller the microdose.  Now, wait about 5 minutes to feel the effects.  If you need more repeat again with a small microdose with the vaporizer.  Over the years I have noticed also that people that do not microdose and consume in large amounts can actually start to suffer from high anxiety, which is strange as in small amount cannabis can lower anxiety.  This is just an observation over years.

The goal of microdosing cannabis is to find and use the smallest dose possible that gives the most minimal noticeable effects.  Keep is small and short is how I microdose.

How to know the perfect dosage of microdosing cannabis?

To this, there is no perfect answer as all people are made differently and have different needs.  So many things are variable when it comes to the right amount of THC or CBD that will result in the feeling the effects.  This can be due to the differences in how your body metabolizes, the genetics of you and how your cannabinoid system receptors work, how you have previously used or how much you have previously used in the past and all kinds of small things that make us all individuals.

When starting with the microdose idea it is sometimes best to stop using cannabis for 2 to 3 days.  This will allow your receptors to kind of reset.  After the reset, start out with small amounts of cannabis, maybe just 1/4 puff of the vape compared to hitting that thing over and over. If you could measure you may want to try to start out with 1 milligram.

The goal of microdosing cannabis is that you are trying to get the most of the minimal effects.  Your goal is to not get stoned, you are not fully trying to get rid of all the symptoms, but just trying to relieve the symptoms.  After a few days, you may try to go up 1 to 2 milligrams, depending on you.

Some say when you build a tolerance to THC, you are also building a tolerance to your own bodies cannabinoids.  These are there for a purpose of promoting balance and health.  Having a sensitive or nonoverloaded endocannabinoid system is very valuable for responding to stress, illness or just the pains of life.

What is the best method for microdosing cannabis?

One can find many ways to microdose cannabis, with some methods being more effective than others.  What I find to be the best is vaporizing cannabis in small inhales.  Why do I feel this is the best method?  Well for one vaporizing eliminates combustion.  Eliminating combustion also lowers the intake of carcinogens while also not destroying the active compounds.  Combustion actually can destroy up to 60% of the active compounds in cannabis.  The other reason I feel vaporizing is the best method for microdosing is that in about 5 minutes you can feel the effects. This is good so you can consume a little and wait a short time, then if you need more microdose again.

Edible, oils and tinctures are a great way also to microdose.  The issue here is that it takes 45 minutes to 2 hours to feel the effects.   THC takes much longer to absorb into your digestive system compared to your respiratory system.  This long time of feeling the effects tends to have people take more and more, then all of a sudden they are too high.   This, of course, is not the goal of microdosing cannabis.

Dabbing is a new way of ingesting THC and CBD.   The issue I see with this is that you are taking HUGE hits of a highly potent product.  On top of that when you take big hits, or hits that are larger than your body can actually absorb, you are just wasting your money and medicine.  Your lungs work by allowing your blood cells to absorb what you inhale.  Your lungs can only absorb so much before they are what I say coated.   Any more is just not good for your lungs or body.  Another issue I see with dabbing is that there is no way to know the temperature of the dab.  If the temperature is too high you start to vaporizer the actual fats and lipids that hold on to the THC and CBD.  You do not want those in your lungs if you can avoid it.  My thought on this is if you take say x amount of a dab and you could only get one inhale from that amount I feel your body can only absorb maybe 10% of what you put into it.  So that is a 90% waste.  If you take really small microdoses of cannabis your lungs are not overfilled with cannabis but filled just enough that your body can absorb a larger percentage of that inhale.  Maybe it is still only 20% of that inhale.  Now you can take say 5-10 microdoses from the same large dab dose.  I just like to think less is more.

Smoking is the last resort I feel like it is just a bit dirty.  Now if you have to you should, but there are so many better ways such as vaporizing.


Conclusion of Microdosing Cannabis

This is the way we should all consume cannabis in my opinion.  Its easier to controll your high and is more effective.    This is all based on my beliefe from livign 40 years and doing a lot of reading all over on the internet and in books.

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