Which Weed can Wonderfully Whether the Weather

Which Weed can Wonderfully Whether the Weather

The joy of growing your cannabis plant outdoors, naturally, is more rewarding than anything a weed grower can feel. In addition to allowing a weed grower feel closer to nature, it is quite easy in comparison to growing your cannabis plant indoors.

All you need to be able to grow your cannabis plant outdoors is a more or less isolated location which has its own soil, gets plenty of sunlight and water. To make things even better, the outdoor cannabis plants are more likely to grow larger than the ones you plant inside, which means a greater yield per plant.

Here’s a look at a couple of the weed strains which can wonderfully whether the weather.

Biddy Early

The Biddy Early strain is a result of a cross between the Early Skunk and the Warlock strains. This cannabis strain happens to be one of the most resilient strains out there and is known for its ability to wonderfully whether the weather. It is the ultimate strain for growing cannabis outdoors since it can flourish even in cold and humid climates.

It is not just the ability to thrive in cold and humid climate, it is also very resistant to pests, molds and even disease. Don’t let the fact that it is suited for cold climates put you off. If you happen to live in an area with a warm climate, the Biddy Early strain is going to perform even better in warmer climates.

It is the easiest strain to grow, and for first timers looking to grow some weed, it is the perfect strain to start off with. The Biddy Early strain is able to grow to a height of 2 meters and has a good yield. The high you get from it is a very relaxing one. The aroma of it is sweet and earthy. It is one of the most popular strains for growing weed outdoors and for good reason.

Frisian Dew

The result of the Super Skunk strain making love to the Purple Star strain, the Frisian Dew is the easiest way to experience heaven on Earth. This is a classic strain for weed growers who are more inclined to grow their crop outdoors in nature.

This beauty has an aroma that is exotic since it has a blend of citrus, mango and very subtle spicy notes to come together for a unique smoking experience. The high it gives is soothing for the mind and body alike, which is why you feel so euphoric after taking a toke of this strain.

The reason why it’s so popular with outdoor weed growers is that it is one very resilient strain. It can wonderfully grow whether the weather conditions it is in are hot or cold, making it the one strain that every weed grower must try out.

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