Cancer Docs Discuss Marijuana with Families Anyway

Until now there has not been any research on Cannabiorcool – CBN-C1

The legalization of the marijuana has always been a long debate. In fact, it still is. However, there are almost eight out of ten cancer professionals who, even being unprepared, recommend marijuana to cancer patients and their families.

Nearly half of the cancer doctors in the U.S responded to a survey that they recommended medical marijuana to several cancer patients and even now. While this seems like a professional recommendation, at first, some of them don’t even have enough idea about the medical use of marijuana. These results clearly indicate how policy on marijuana has outpaced research, as the study authors claim.

Even though no rigorous studies with regards to cancer patients really exist but almost 29 states which have medical marijuana programs let doctors suggest it to cancer patients. This leaves professionals to make assumptions from several other types of research on same prescription drugs or even in different types of patients.

Understanding Cannabis Sativa

The plant Cannabis Sativa or Marijuana (slang) is the name of dried leaves and buds of varieties of the cannabis plant that can easily grow warm wild in tropical and warm climates throughout the world. It can be cultivated commercially.

Considering the ongoing debate regarding marijuana legalization, there is still a limited research on the hundreds of compounds present in the plant. Indeed, as per many research studies, many compounds have shown significant medical benefits for human body.

Cannabinols and Cannabinodiols

Just like THC, CBN or Cannabinol is also a compound present in the cannabis plant. It has several compounds like CBN-C1 – Cannabiorcool-365.

Until now there has not been any research on Cannabiorcool – CBN-C1. This means we are not yet sure about the medical benefits associated with CBN-C1. However, Cannabiorcool belongs to the Cannabinols and Cannabinodiols category and they are recognized for providing great medical benefits.

According to some studies, Cannabinol is a non-psychotropic compound. Some other studies show that Cannabinol is much less psychoactive when compared to THC. In fact, it is just 10% potent. With that, we also know that Cannabinol is certainly the most sedative compound present in cannabis.

Since we have not much idea about Cannabiorcool, we can assume that it contains the similar properties with slightly different chemical properties.

We Need More Research

As per Dr. Ilana Braun from Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in Boston – The biggest take away from the fact that doctors are recommending marijuana to cancer patients without being prepared is that there is a great need for more simple and plain research.

Patients are eager to know what these professionals think about taking marijuana. Almost eight doctors out of ten are recommending it for pain and several other cancer-related issues to a minimum one patient in the last year.

The doctors who are recommending marijuana to cancer patients are still not as close-minded as one might think. In fact, they also think that they have a lot to learn about.

Needless to say, the lack of scientific information in terms of marijuana and its medical benefits, poses a great risk to patients and public health.

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