How To Do A Cold Start Dab With A Banger

How To Do A Cold Start Dab With A Banger

  1. You will need a banger, carb cap, dab tool, Tidy Tips and torch to attain this dabbing method.
  2. This is our favorite method to get the best flavor, use less gas and less time.
  3. First take your dab tool and get some concentrates on it.  Then put the concentrate into your banger dish.
  4. Fire up your torch and then begin to heat up the banger.  Watch closely so as soon as you start to see the dab melt, you will want to take the torch off the banger.  The heat is slightly hotter on the outside of the banger and will reach the inside of the banger soon.  The thicker the banger like the Thick Wall Flat Top Banger the more heat it will hold and seems to work best for cold dabbing
  5. Now take your carb cap and put it on top of the banger and inhale.  If you do not get anything, you will need to remember to heat your banger for another second or two.  But for now, just add a little more heat to the banger.
  6. This method will ensure you get a nice smooth flavorful low temp dab every time.  Its also great as you do not waste fuel heating a banger to just let it cool

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How To Do A Cold Start Dab Tutorial

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