Herb too dry? How to re hydrate your cannabis

To dry, resin braking off and the sticky is gone?

   In dry climates its often that cannabis connoisseur run into this issue.   Never fear there is a cure for this ailment.

Scouring the internet you can find a bunch of ways to re hydrate your wonderful herb.  Below are some ways we have discovered.

  • Place buds in a container along with a piece of orange peal or really any un dried herb.  I do like fruits.
  • Place buds in a bag with a piece of bread.
  • Put buds in a room that has a humidifier or naturally high humidity.
  • Put buds in a container along with a humidifier pack, which is usually used for keeping cigars hydrated and fresh.
  • With the buds in a bag get your fingers wet and flick a little water on them.  Wait a few hours and do this until you get the desired moistness.
  • Spray water on the buds and let them dry again.

True, these methods  rehydrate dried buds but to not let them get fully dry is the best way overall.

Despite the hopes and dreams of  growers and connoisseur  who search for a solution to save their nugs, the harsh fact is that once over dried it can not fully go back

Overdried Buds: Why does this happen?

DO not try to fool yourself  in pretending that over dried cannabis buds can be restored to their premium condition. When buds reach this condition, they start to break down. A percentage of resin glands shrivel and burst open. Cannabinoids deteriorate and evaporate quickly.

Volatile terpenoids and other goodness responsible for great nug taste and scent also deteriorate as moisture leaves the plant material.  For this reason you want to keep it moistened at all times.

Depending on how long nugs are allowed to dry out, a significant percentage of cannabinoids and terpenoids are degraded or gone forever — and no amount of rehydration can restore those buds.

Some buds are overdried because they’re left too long in open air that has low relative humidity.  This easily happens in our state Colorado.

Temperatures as low as 85°F can evaporate and/or degrade terpenoids and cannabinoids. Heat and direct light (especially sunlight) will quickly damage buds and the fragile compounds they’ve produced.  This is the big reason you want to keep your herbs in a dark place as well as moist.

Rehydration methods  might put some moisture back into your sweet nugs, but it  won’t restore lost and degraded cannabis compounds.

Wetter does not make it better.

Don’t Overdry Your Buds!


If your buds are only slightly overdried, rehydrating will likely stabilize them at a higher moisture level and retain whatever’s left of their potency, taste and scent.

The most successful rehydration method I’ve been privy to is one that rehydrates the buds in a small, enclosed space with a humidifier and ambient relative humidity of 80 percent.

But if your weed is well and truly over dried,  abandon all hopes of saving them and don’t waste your time searching for ways to re moisten the herbs.

When you consume over dry buds, the smoke is much more harsh, less taste and scent, and a muted high.

In a best-case re hydration scenario, a bud that would have been an A+ if it was dried and cured properly becomes at best a B- if it’s able to be rehydrated.

The trick is,  dry and cure cannabis buds so they’re a little wetter than some growers might prefer, then keep an eye on your herbs so they do not over dry over time.

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