How To Use A Dab Straw, Nectar Collector or Oil Drill

How To Use A Dab Straw

Using a dab straw or nectar collector is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

1- Use your torch to heat the tip of the dab straw or nectar collector up

2- Place the heated dab straw or nectar collector in your concentrate container like a huny bucket

3- Inhale the vapor created from the hot dab straw coming into contact with the concentrates.

When you first get a dab straw you may wonder how do I use this thing?  What is the best way, and why do I cough so much when I use one.  Well in our video below you will see the proper way to use a dab straw to release the essence of the concentrate in a tasty vapor.

Nector collectors, dab straws, oil drill, wax maxer or any name that is used for this device is fine to use, with them all meaning the same thing.  This is a glass straw that is heated and the heat that it contains vaporizes the concentrates when the hot tip comes into contact with the dabs.

The best way we feel to use a dab straw or nectar collector is to do whatever works best for you.  We do suggest that heating it only until it is able to vaporize the concentrates will give you a very flavorful hit while not causing you to cough so much.

Over the years we have found that hot daps, hot straws or anything over 450 F is just a little more than needed to get your favorite concentrate to vaporize.  When the wax maxer or dab straw is heated too hot it will also start to vaporizer fats and lipids in the concentrate.  This is what is will cause your lungs to burn so bad.  Those oils stick to your lungs, teeth and that is what is hurting so bad, along with the dabs is just hot.

We like to remind people you can always add more heat so you get that sweet low temp dab.

How To Use A Dab Straw Quick Info Video

How To Use A Dab Straw – Our full length, way more in depth, yet not to boring video.



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