Dabbing Alternatives

Dabbing Alternatives

Bangers are great for concentrates but require the ability to guess and not knowing what the proper temperature is.  It’s not so much that one needs to know the exact temperature, but more what they like for themselves and what delivers that smooth and flavorful hit.

Elev8 Vaporizer to Replace a Banger

Quartz Dab Banger Alternative (QUICK INFO)

Quartz Dab Banger Alternative Called The Elev8R Vape In Depth Info

The Elev8R Vaporizer is our one of our most favorite ways to consume concentrates.  Using only hot air to heat the oils up from heating the Elev8R heater with a torch, you will get smooth hits that are less likely to get you coughing.  This is due to the fact that the air is much cooler than when one heats glass up to an unknown temperature, allowing the fats and lipids to actually vaporize.

Using a quartz heater, the Elev8R vaporizer gently heats the air that will pass over a ceramic disc.   This disc called a flavor disc allows the oils to spread around the porous ceramic disc offering more surface area for the concentrates.  As you inhale the air flows through the heater and warms up the disc and oils allowing them to vaporize and giving you the perfect low temp. dab.  The disc will hold on to the fats and lipids allowing you to burn them off or soak them off with alcohol at a later time.

Another great feature to the Elev8R vaporizer is unlike a banger you can also vaporize dry herbs to get a full spectrum plant extraction.

As an all-inclusive package, we really like the ability to take it on the go to replace a nectar collector style dab straw, while having the ability to plug in the rig adapter and enjoy using the Elev8R in your favorite rig.

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