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If you consume cannabis or hemp-based products for medicinal or recreational purposes, you need to know about bioavailability.  Bioavailability is how efficiently your body absorbs THC and CBD which effects how much healing potential you get from your cannabis. WHAT DOES BIOAVAILABILITY MEAN? Bioavailability is defined as follows: “The degree to which a drug or other substance […]

How And Why Do Pipes Change Color?

This is a really neat phenomenon in the glass world.  To help answer this we must take a step back into history.  Some of the first glass pipes to come to the scene that are color changing pipes were from a guy named Bob Snodgrass.  This guy stumbled on to the fact that if you […]

Bat Guano, No Bueno?

Is Bat Guano Good For Your Cannabis Grow? Have you ever wondered about the origins of the phrase “Bat sh*t crazy”? Ever wonder if bat guano can help your cannabis grow? As we are in peak growing season, let’s take a moment and look into bat guano for your Cannabis grow and why we may, and may […]

After Trim Time

One of the problems and pleasures of harvest are the many leaves and branches left after your bud is trimmed. They are too useful and valuable to throw away, but they also demand to be processed while you are overwhelmed with all of the other tasks associated with the harvest. Even after cleaning up my […]

Free Food For all in the USA

Why I think food should be free in the USA Ok, so when you read this the first thing you may think is that I am a socialist or communist.  Well, I have no clue what I am I just know what I believe in, and as you read you will see I am just for […]

What is the best way to smoke or dab for your lungs

What is the deal with big hits?  Are they good for you? I bet you heard people say hold it till you can’t hold that smoke any more.  Well, that is an old wives tale we need to put to rest. A 1997 study determined that our lungs can only take in so much—5-6 ml […]


Everything You Need to Know About Anxiolytics Anti-anxiety drugs or Anxiolytics are the famous categories of drugs that are used to inhibit anxiety and to treat many anxiety associated disorders. However, these drugs can be habit-forming and rather work instantly. Anxiolytic Properties of Cannabis and the Treatment of Posttraumatic Stress As per the recent research […]

Δ-8-THC and the Medical Cannabis

Δ-8-THC and the Medical Cannabis Cannabis has always been an interesting subject due to its great health benefits. Indeed, not every state or country has yet accepted it as legal for consumption. However, there are several patients, suffering from different medical conditions, and turning towards cannabis as the ultimate supplemental and alternative option for their […]

THC – Δ-9-tetrahydrocannabinol and Marijuana Related Effects

THC – Δ-9-tetrahydrocannabinol and Marijuana Related Effects Even though smoked marijuana consists of around 60 cannabinoids, the famous THC – Δ-9-tetrahydrocannabinol-315 is, assumed to be, one of the cannabinoids that may not be solely but primarily responsible to produce various marijuana-related effects. This may include subjective effects as well as increased food intake. Indeed we don’t […]

What You Need to Know About Carene

What You Need to Know About Carene Carene is a bicyclic monoterpene that consists of cyclopropane rings and fused cyclohexene. While many consumers of cannabinoid believe that cannabis or marijuana is just about THC, the higher the rate of THC, the better. However, if we now look at the various research studies and what we […]
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