Free food for all

Free Food For all in the USA

Free food for all

Why I think food should be free in the USA

Ok, so when you read this the first thing you may think is that I am a socialist or communist.  Well, I have no clue what I am I just know what I believe in, and as you read you will see I am just for the best of the human race.  Why would anyone that believes in capitalism say free food for all?

The answer is simple I feel.  Water, food, and shelter are our basic needs.  As a world leader, we should be able to have these basic things for ALL humans at least here in America.  Once this is figured out, we can work on the world.  We must first all focus on ourselves, then we can focus on family, friends, neighbors, community, city, state, country and the world.  But it starts with the individual thinking different.  So yes in a country where food is wasted at such a disgusting rate of 40%, hunger should NOT be an issue.  Healthy food should NOT be an issue.  I am sure we all know we all work better on a full belly.

What are you talking about free food, that’s nuts!

So let’s get into the free food for all and why I believe this.  First I want to give you some background of me.  My father left when I was 8 years old and my mother who is a smart lady took on more jobs and soon was working 3 jobs to take care of us kids.  When my father left she went on food stamps.  This lasted about 3 months and she soon realized it was a trap to keep her down.  She could continue to get the food stamps but could not make more money or they would cut it off.  Well, she did not like the hand out (not that I feel it was a hand out) but she soon found those other jobs to earn more money and we began to see less and less of her as she had to take care of us best she knew how.

Well, many many years later I came to see that as we were not able to have those family dinners, she did get us food to eat and kept the fridge and freezer with food.  The issue is that I hate to say it buy my very smart mother was a bit ignorant of food quality as I feel many of us are.  So I grew up on hot pockets and Tostino pizza.  Things us kids could make simple and fast.  Just its bad food and we really did not fully know it.  Like we really have been given good info from this government of ours anyway.  Remember the food pyramid?  The thing has been turned upside down from when I was a kid and is it still right?

So when I turned 38 my life changed a bit and I started eating nightly at my mother’s house with my sister and niece.  I feel its an attempt to make up for all the lost dinners as a kid.  I do really love it now!  But as we eat good food now we all talk about how the past was and that we all realize now we were ignorant to what good food is.

So this leads me now to why I feel food NEEDS to be free for all here in the USA.  Had my mother been able to get free food, maybe she would have only had to work 1 or 2 jobs, not 3.  God bless her soul.  But that is here nor there.  In this country, no one should starve if we are wasting 40% of the food, seriously look it up.  So my big issue with our system is that it holds people down, it fills bellies with sh#% food many of the times and is great for big corporations.  I get it these corporations employ a lot of people, but is it the right thing to do, I think not.  So, we should have free healthy food for all people here.  Now I do not mean they should get a lobster or ribeye, this is NOT what I mean.  I feel the free food should be only the basics for survival, that is it.  But good healthy food like local veggies, frozen veggies as some areas just cannot grow all the food the area needs, grains and things that have good shelf lives.  If there is an abundance of meat, I could even see that at a low level.  Yep, it might just be the pink slim you have heard about that we gladly feed to our children and people we lock up in jails.  Or maybe just some beans for the protein needed for the human body.  Basic super basic foods.  I have heard people say well that is communism and no one would want that.  Bull, I feel it is the start of capitalism.  Let me explain in more.

How is free food good for capitalism?

capitalism and free foodHere we go with the free food is good for the country.  First I say yes free for ALL people, from the TOP earners to the lowest earners.  They all get the same food choices.   This allows grocery stores to stay open and keep doing what they do.  Yes, they may stop selling the basic beans,  basic local vegetables.  Some of the veggies may not even make it to the free side and only go to the grocery stores.  Its about keeping costs LOW and food quality HIGH.  I also feel take as much as you want, just do not waste it.  So say someone out of high school, an immigrant or an entrepreneur and go right to the food bank and get what they want, even if it is only 4-8 things.  Now the person that got that food and put their time and energy into and go out and sell it as I see people already doing.  Now maybe just maybe they start out with 1-2 dishes made from this free food.  It keeps the startup cost very very low and gives the individual an opportunity to earn a high-profit level.  This person still has to learn to go sell it, make it tasty and work with people.  They learn basic business skills at a low investment.

Next, I see this person taking what they made and selling it.  There could be many outlets like a food truck, a small market may be at a farmers market or some gathering.  A good entrepreneur will figure out how to get their food out there.   Maybe as they start to sell 1-2 simple dishes, soon they have some profits.  A wise person will go that grocery store and buy some other ingredients like other more costly vegetables, some meats and some spices.  Now that person can come with 3-4 dishes.  They are improving and this person will also feel good about what they are doing while bringing healthy food to those who want it.  Seems to me like a good thing!  I can not understand why in any logical world we would give people food stamps and allow them to fill their bellies with garbage.   If they earn the money to buy the crap, well that is on them.   But if anyone is wanting food on my tax dime as a nation we need to give them good food.

I say this free food needs to be for every person in the country as if its fair to one, its fair to all.  People that make good money more than likely may not want to get this free food.  I know I may not go this route, but I would be willing to buy that hot meal made fresh by the new entrepreneur.   Hey, I am perfectly fine to throw a small luxury tax on that lobster, small but maybe that helps get this free food.   I feel 100% that the cost to give the free food will be less of a burden on the country that what we are doing now with the food stamps.

Final Thoughtsfinal thought

I know some people may feel capitalism is bad.  I have argued many times with people about this and it’s not a winnable argument unless everyone is fully educated.  I would suggest just a little read up from a great website called Foundation for Economic Education and check this article out on capitalism.  All things can become evil by an evil person.   My biggest thing I want to bring out is that I see people will full bellies that are healthy live a more productive and happier life.  Just my opinion take what you will.


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