Vaporizer Review: The Sidekick by 7th Floor Vapes

Today, Rob reviews the SideKick portable vaporizer for dry herbs or concentrates by 7th Floor Vapes.

SideKick Portable Vaporizer by 7th Floor Vapes

The Sidekick portable vaporizer from 7th Floor Vapes is all inclusive vaporizer kit for dry herbs or concentrates. It came in a handy carrying case with tons of goodies. Inside they include a car and wall charger to keep both sets of your batteries topped off. Ala included was a nice pic tool, brush, Huny Bucket (for your concentrates), a concentrate insert, useful baby tongs and a mini screwdriver.

The heating chamber is a hybrid, utilizing conduction/convection heating methods. The chamber is ceramic, whereas the concentrate insert is made from stainless steel. When you draw from the hand-blown glass month piece, you will be drawing heat from under your material up through the screen and then down 7th Floors Vortex cooling chamber. When you include the cooling vortex it brings the total air path to 16in+. This gives the vapor plenty of time to be cooled before being inhaled. That cooling path is unrivaled in the vape world.

When it up to using your Sidekick, I find loosely filling to the top with a very slight tamp, making sure it is below where the screen and stir tool will rest, will certainly have you riding the wave.

Though they have 21 heat setting the range from appx. 250 up to 470 degrees. You can’t precisely set at the desired temp. you will have to figure out what setting works best for your particular needs. 7th Floor has made the Stir Stick attached to the screen, which is like a fidget spinner to agitate your material for better vaporization during your session. However, when cleaning the screen, you have to use the mini screwdriver. When reassembling the SIdeKick lid, you have to make the white dot is in the correct place or it won’t seat right.
They include 2 sets of batteries which is nice. You don’t have to wait for the dead ones to charge, just pop in a fresh set and you are off. 

7th Floor and a wide range of accessories for the Sidekick, such as a bubbler mouthpiece and adaptors to run it straight through a water pipe.

It is somewhat large though it feels comfortable in the hand as it is ergonomically designed. This combined with the portability to be taken nearly anywhere and coming in at $200 the Sidekick would be a solid contender for any portables within that price range.

Be Kind, be Courteous, Be ELEV8D!

Rob W

The SideKick Vaporizer by 7th Floor Vapes can be found at!


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