Vape Review: Mighty V2 by Storz and Bickel

Today, Rob reviews the Mighty V2 by Storz and Bickel.

The Mighty V2 by Storz and Bickel

The Mighty is a portable convection vaporizer, intended for use with both dry herbs and concentrates. You can use it for either, right out of the box. Just make sure to burn off any residual oils from the manufacturer, and get a full charge on your Mighty.

This vape has been held at the pinnacle by a lot of reviewers out there, for some time now. I was very anxious to get my hands on and take it for a go. The box it comes in has some thought put into it. They include several handy things, such as a dosing capsule, two-piece grinder, filling aid, extra storage, brush, screens, O-rings, and more!

It is one of the biggest portable vapes I have ever used. The Mighty works just as well plugged in, as it does with a full charge, on-the-go. If you manage to get it in your pocket, it could be considered on-the-go, but I could barely get it to fit in my pocket. You will most likely need a bag to carry this portable vape around.

It also does have a proprietary charger, not a micro USB, as with their Crafty model. The Mighty’s power is derived from two batteries, which cannot be swapped, without violation of the warranty. The design and feel of the Mighty remind me of cooling towers. Which I suppose, maybe was their intent.

Their convection oven is very well thought out, they have inlets to draw air from the bottom and directly over the heating element before being pulled through your material. Next, up and into what they call their cooling unit mouthpiece. Which I took apart to get a full understanding of how they designed it.

They have Baffles! When you inhale, drawing the heated air through your material, the vapor at first is pulled away from the mouthpiece, then backtracking through five more baffles until it finally reaches the swivel straw into your mouth.

Though they intended this to cool down the vapor, I find it to be a little hot at times. The design does an amazing job of insulating your hands from the warmth of the oven.

They vapor does taste amazingly clean. It does come in contact with plastic, some people do not prefer that. You will have to use the provided filling tool or dosing capsule or your going to make a mess. The chamber holds 0.1 to 0.3 grams of material depending on how long you want the session to last.

You can control the temp via the panel and hard buttons, there is a boost button, which is nice. It heats it up a few more degrees. To fully utilize everything that is in there.

It is a high-end device, like any, you are expected to keep it clean, I recommend a thorough pulling apart and wipe down with iso and some Tidy Tips once a week. Sit down, pull out another pen, and get to work.

The Mighty is expensive. Though it is very tough, damn near the desktop quality, and pretty darn efficient. When you can save up enough this would be a welcomed vape in any rotation. Pretty darn good battery life too.

What’s in your rotation?


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