Cannabis Accessory Review: Mamba Electric Grinder

Today, Maddy reviews the Mamba Electric Grinder.

Mamba Electric Grinder 

Grinding your herb can be a tedious and tiresome chore at times, haven’t you always wished for something to make it easier!? Well, that product is finally here. This is Maddy from Elev8 showing you another dank product every true stoner can’t live without! Introducing, the Mamba battery powered grinder. This bad boy will grind the stickiest and largest amount of herbs you have with ease and style!

No longer will you suffer from cramps from constant grinding, or have to worry about the loss of herbs due to clumsiness. The unique design of this product allows you to simply “point and grind”. This technique would be perfect for patients who suffer from ailments like arthritis or tendonitis. The grinder does all of the work itself compared to a normal manual grinder where you’re doing all the hard labor. This product is also beneficial for consumers who are grinding a large amount of herbs at once, the lightning fast speed of the grinder will allow you to break down all of your herbs to the perfect consistency.

When putting the Mamba up against a normal manual grinder it is very apparent the differences and advantages the two products had. The herb ground from the Mamba was more fluffy and consistent with very little stems in the mix. The herb ground from the manual grinder although still smokeable was not as consistent nor near as well trimmed, more stems seemed to fall in with the herb which can cause tears in paper and clogs in bowls. Not to mention the time difference between the two.

The Mamba’s cone-shaped grinder head allows you to never lose another spec of herb transferring it into your smoking device. Picking through your grinder can be risky and result in loss of herbs or damaging the herbs itself. Although most grinders have storage areas for your herbs or kief the Mamba does lack that, however, it is still the winner of this grinder on grinder battle royale!


Get your Mamba Electric Grinder at ELEV8 Glass Gallery today!

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