Accessory Review: The Original Smoke Buddy

Today, Sharon reviews the smoking accessory The Original Smoking Buddy.

The Original Smoking Buddy

For those of us old enough to remember using an empty paper towel rolled, filled with fabric softener sheets. To avoid filling a room with stinky smoke, welcome to the new age of discretion. The Original Smoke Buddy takes an age-old concept and adds another level of functionality. This product is designed for eliminating the odor and smoke in your environment, almost 100%. It is ideal for that hush, hush type of use.

The Original Smoke Buddy is easy to use, easy to hold and comes in many colors and different styles. It gets about 300 uses out of it and is recyclable. Each device comes with caps that are attached together for cleanliness. They also come with a free Mr. Smoke Buddy keychain, that has an LED light.

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