Cannabis Strain Review: Double Bubba

Today, Alex reviews the cannabis strain Double Bubba. Will it live up to its Kush lineage?

Double Bubba by The Chronic Boutique

Have you ever been so high you have an out of body experience? Well, I didn’t feel like I was outside of my body, but I sure was f#cking sconed after vaping a half gram of this cannabis. Double Bubba, grown by The Chronic Boutique, is a 90/10 indica cross between a Pre-98 Bubba Kush and a Bubba Kush. This strain specifically used a pre-98 cut that had a high CBD content.

This strain is known to have a lower THC content, but that doesn’t mean it lacks flavor or potency! This cannabis strain tested in at 16.43% THC and 0.02 CBD. This flower had some amazing visual aesthetics! Double Bubba had orange hairs crawling all over it, as most Kush strains do. But one look Once inspected with the macro lens, you could really see the trichome formation. These little milky mushrooms of pure resin were a delightful addition to the nugget.

This sweet, earthy kush derived cannabis strain definitely had some kush properties. Instantly, I knew I was vaping some sweet kush strain. After just a few hits I knew I was going to be super stoned. The Bank Genetics, located in Denver, Colorado, really nailed it with this medicine.  It encompasses all of my favorites aspects of cannabis into one plant! 

This heavy indica cross really gave me a super body high. It ranked super high on how fast and the strength of the effects, which I’m guessing was due to the Kush genetics. The sweet candy taste and heavy effects make this strain a highly sought after. Growers across America look for Bubba Kush genetics to add to the Rolodex of strains. Highly Recommended 7.1/8

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