Cannabis Strain Review: Death Valley Cheese Live Resin

Today, Alex reviews the cannabis strain review Death Valley Cheese Live Resin.

Death Valley Cheese Live Resin by Garden of the Budz

Death Valley Cheese Live Resin extracted by Garden of the Budz lived up to its name; my mouth was drier than Death Valley in the middle of summer. This supercross of Deadhead OG x Chem Valley Kush and Deadhead OG x Cheese really made a super potent and pungent extraction. Ever wondered how high you can be without knowing you’re high? This was it!

These little tiny faceted diamonds were abundant. The THCa crystals  I know the process of Live Resin is pretty similar to creating most extractions, except with a few extra steps at the beginning of the extraction process. This dark gold, terpy Live Resin was super stinky and sticky, almost sappy with no viscosity.

This Live Resin tested in at 78.3% THC and .16% CBD. I wish there was a terpenes profile test done because there were some crazy smells coming from this little one gram container. Robust pungent “cheese” and pine notes, combined with floral undertones. Live Resin is very unique because of the terpenes are still very fresh and carry floral notes throughout the entire extraction process.

I was extremely impressed with this full body high medicine. It got a solid 7.3 across the board: Visual, Aroma, Taste, User Experience and Effects. Amazing taste, amazing consistency, and even more important the effects were stellar. Garden of the Budz never ceases to amaze me and my olfactory system. Highly Recommended 7.3/8

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