Cannabis Accessory Review: Grinders by 7th Floor Vapes

Today, Maddy reviews the Grinders by 7th Floor Vapes. Will they crush the competition?

Grinders by 7th Floor Vapes

Hey, humans its Maddy from elev8 showing you another essential starter product. Picking a grinder is different for every cannabis consumer thankfully 7th Floor Vapes has a large line of grinders for all of your herb needs. You have the choice between two and four piece grinders in different sizes and colors of your choice. Out of all of the varieties of grinders, I picked the four pieces 2-inch grinder.

With its billet aluminum and anodized surface, this grinder is nearly indestructible. Its magnet held chambers allows a ease of use while sealing your herbs tightly to ensure they won’t spill out from an impact. This shredder has deep chambers for optimum storage of your herbs and your kief. Make it powder-coated for only five dollars more. All of our grinders also come with a hemp carrying bag and replacement screens. 7th Floor Vapes, we like to encourage them uncommon and the unique, that being said we offer a variety of logos and decals that can be sandblasted or engraved on your very own 7th Floor grinder so you can stand out with your own customizable accessory.

With the 2 inch grinder, you can take it anywhere. Easy to throw in your bag and is very discreet. You will find yourself bringing your grinder everywhere you go! The sharp teeth of this grinder will grind down your bud to the perfect fluffy consistency for both rolling and bowl packing needs! This grinder is a no-brainer need for all my lovely stoner listeners out there!

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